One of mental imagery is actually a part

One of these major corporation that is known
to monopolized media and has aid in shaping our perspective from infancy all
the way through our adult life would be Walt Disney. Of this is not an essay on
bashing Walt Disney. It is just an analysis on how the powerhouse has shape
much of media world and society’s perspective. Disney currently owns ESPN, ABC,
Fox, A, Marvel, Lucasfilm LTD, Hollywood Records and more. In short, most
of our favorite television channels are owned by Disney. From infancy, we have
been exposed to the Walt Disney corporation’s propaganda. For over 93 years, the Walt Disney
Company has dominated and captured our imagination and hearts with seemingly
amazing visual animation and stories from a “diverse range” of characters. In
fact, those diverse characters have played an enormous role in our lives and
subconsciously shaped much of our ideology of seemingly right. Visual imagery and visual perception shared
many of the same processes, then much of what is known to date about perception
may be used and adapted to be able to understand the more internal and
ambiguous process of visual imagery. The question is how much of mental imagery
is actually a part of visual perception? Very often, imagery experiences are
understood by our scientific community as echoes, copies, or reconstructions of
actual perceptual experiences from the past; at other times, it may seem to
anticipate possible, often desired or feared, future experiences. Thus, imagery
has often been believed to play a very huge, even pivotal, role in both memory
and motivation. Especially at a young age through imagery a child can learn how
to assign values on the basic ideas of variation in language linked to race,
ethnicity, and power. It is believed that what children learn from the
entertainment industry is to be comfortable with the same rhythmic storyline
pattern and to be wary of others. Imagery being use as a symbolistic language
to subconsciously establish the young viewer’s perception of reality yet of
course with that comes stereotyping.

With images, we see on television it is
easier to self-compare, to characters on screen rather than building our own understanding
on what is considered beauty within our society. Disney princesses presents an
unrealistic sense of what is beauty.  For
example, snow white was considered beautiful because of her pale skin and naturally
red lips. The princess also all had unnatural curvy figures. Many children are
exposed to these ideology from Disney and other major media corporation during
their early age, as mention by psychologist professor named Samuel Pittstoller,
“During ages five to six, children increasingly begin to compare their skills,
abilities with those of others (social comparison)”.  This means that during those curial beginning
years of our lives we begin to make social comparison with social norms we are
exposed to. Therefore, seeing women in this perception informs children both
male and female that women are supposed to appear at a particular beauty
standard and that they are less dominate to men and should wait on men to take
care of them. Unfortunately, in this media era, children are constantly exposed
to these ideologies predominately through televisions, the internet, magazines
and other media outlets.  This is
exemplified by the doll experiment which presented a black and white doll to children
of different ethnic backgrounds and ask them to pick form the two dolls which
one they considered to be beautiful. The experiment showed that “the majority
63 percent of them- said they’d would rather play with the white doll. Most
said the white doll was nicer than the black doll and the poignant answer of
all, 44 percent of the black children said the white doll looked most like
them” according to ABC News. This highlights the children’s association with
beauty as presented by the media. They are aware that people on television are
important and beautiful and if there’s is a lack of ethnic variation then it
leads them to believe that the popular ethnic group presented on television is the
most beautiful. Of course, this ideology plays a significant role as children

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