One protein. If my consumption of protein would

One of the most
essential food components is protein. Most of the body tissues and organs are
made of proteins. It is the essential food component which is used to repair
and build body tissues. Also, it is also responsible of making hormones enzymes
and other body chemicals. With all these responsibilities then it is evident
that these is one of the nutrient that the body requires in large amount. Apart
from the growth purpose of protein, it also helps in maintaining the blood
sugar levels and lose of weight. There are several meals that I do take, that
are rich in protein thus helping me achieve the daily requirement by the body.
The consumption of organic chicken which mostly supplies more than 30% of the
required value, is a big boost to my required amount of protein. Additionally,
most of beef supplies the body with more than 50% of the recommended daily
value of protein.  If my consumption of
protein would have been low than the required amount, then I would be taking
peanuts as a snack as they are known to be rich in nutrients and are readily


On the other hand,
calcium as a body nutrient is well known for the maintenance of the healthy and
integrity of our bones. Also, it is an essential element for proper functioning
of nerves and muscles. The required consumption of calcium per day is 1000 mg/day
while my consumption ranges from 800mg/day. Milk, is the richest source of
calcium with over 300 mg. According to my diary, I consume enough milk per day
thus having a constant supply of the required nutrients and to be specific
calcium. Additionally, calcium is also available in many of the readily
available vegetables such as broccolis and kales. Though they have nutrient
content of less than 100mg they are essential as they supply the body with
other nutrients. Dairy products can be credited to my high level of calcium.
Ranging from whole milk and cheese, their consumption has made me achieve this
range of calcium per day. Other products that I would consider to take to raise
my calcium consumption levels would be the fruit juice from fruits such as orange.
These also gives 300mg which is equivalent to what the content in the dairy

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The last food nutrient required by the body is
iron. There are two type of iron which are based on the their sources. First
type of iron is the heme iron which is found in meats, poultry and fish. This
type of iron is highly consumable by the body as it is consumed up to 30%.  On the other hand, we have non-heme iron
which is found in in plant based foods. These may include fruits nuts and
vegetables. The amount absorbed in the body is lower than the one absorbed in
from meat products as only 10% is absorbed. Having been consuming a lot of meat
products, then I have been able to consume more than the required content of
iron. The standard consumption per day is 8g/day while my consumption stands at
10g. Many of the available food have iron content in them but to raise the
required content, one should consume the highly soluble form of protein which
is found in poultry and fish. The consumption of these two iron products can be
credited to my high level of iron consumption per day.