One In the few beginning chapters, Monique, Gerald’s

One of Sharon Draper’s book, Forged by Fire, has many different cases of huge problems. One of these problems is child abuse. Two of the characters in this book are being abused by their own parents. In the few beginning chapters, Monique, Gerald’s mother, is really abusive and she is a bad mother. She would hit Gerald, burn him, and leave him alone in the house unsafe. Angel is abused by Jordan from the chapter we met her to the last chapter. Jordan would abuse her sexually, verbally, physically, and mentally. He would attempt to rape his “own” daughter when she was only 7 YEARS OLD!!! Both Gerald and Angel obviously did not like being abused, especially in the cruelest way. The definition of child abuse is child abuse is not the right way to solve your life problems. Child abuse happens for many different reasons. Some being because of isolation and bad parenting. Better reasons are stress, lack of experience, and alcohol problems. Child abuse obviously happens to children only. I don’t think any child would like to have an abusive parent like Monique and Jordan from Forged by Fire. The starting of Monique abusing Gerald was when she would abuse drugs. Monique was a bad parent to start out, but the drugs made her even worse. When she takes drugs, you do not want to be around her, that was one of Gerald’s life lessons. Jordan does not take a lot of drugs like Monique, but he abuses beer, which is alcohol. Just like Monique, his mood changes when she takes drugs or alcohol. These drugs and alcohol mostly lead to child abuse, so the best option for children whose parents takes drugs, is to throw their drugs away. The characters reaction to this was to either help their sibling, which Gerald would do, or beg for help, which Angel would do. The outcome of this would always end very badly. This book is very realistic and sounds like something that would happen in real life. The topic is child abuse, and this happens all over the world, which we need to change immediately. This is a very bad thing and most children would love to have non abusive parents. The novel Forged by Fire handled this situation by showing how to stop it with a lot of reasons. One of the minor characters, Mr.Washington, shows Gerald so many different ways to stop Jordan’s abusing for many different situations. Mr. Washington helped Gerald’s family in so many different ways that I can’t even count anymore. My biggest point that I want to be addressed it that we as a society, need to stop child abuse. This is not right because I don’t think that the abuser would like to be abused. I don’t think they would like to go through the damage they just did. I feel bad for the children being abused in the world right now and I wish them the best. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest problem we children are facing right now. I just wish that this world could be filled with good and better people that care of their children and themselves.