One ft. (2.08 m.) tall. The statue is

One of the most important statues of Emperor Augustus, the Augustus of Primaporta is certainly one of the best preserved portraits we have of him today. He was the first emperor. This beautifully decorated statue, expertly carved in marble from the Greek island of Paros, was discovered 20 April 1863. It was found in the villa of Livia in Prima Porta. It is 7 ft. (2.08 m.) tall. The statue is all complete but it has a few breaks. This statue was built in the name of Roman victory over the parthians. He is in a suit of armor but is not wearing any shoes or a helmet. The sculpture is now displayed in the Braccio Nuovo of the Vatican Museums. Augustus ruled for 40 years. His arm is outstretched and raised to give orders to his troops. This symbolises powerful leadership.The message is clear, he is a confident leader. On the side of Augustus’ foot is baby cupid riding on a dolphin. (Cupid is the Roman god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection. He is often portrayed as the son of the love goddess Venus and the war god Mars. He is also known in Latin as Amor.) The dolphin is meant to represent Augustus naval victories and the cupid is meant to symbolize that he is descended from the gods. In the Roman mythology, Cupid is always depicted winged putto(a figure in a work of art that is depicted as a chubby male child, usually nude). The entire statue is well detailed which make the statue seems more real. The breastplate of his suit of armor is very detailed with small angels and gods on the front and many details in the cloth that he’s carrying in one hand that makes the clothing drape down as if it were real.The angles and Gods on his armor also symbolizes that they were on his side and protecting him. Remains of the Polychromy are still visible. Most of them vanished due to cleansing tasks. There’s a lot of well detailing in the statue. His legs and arms have muscles everywhere. The face renders a youthful emperor, even though the statue was constructed when Augustus was about forty years of age. The face is smoothed and idealized, and his hair is capped with what is called the Primaporta hairstyle. The layers of the hair are arranged in comma-shaped locks across the forehead. Although his face does not show any expressions. The breastplate is covered with figures and is a complex of Augustan and Tiberian propaganda. It commemorates Augustus’ victory over the Parthians in 20 B.C. The breastplate also depicts the roman Gods. The gods on the breastplate suggests that Augustus’ victory has a cosmic favor. Augustus is not portrayed as a god. He wears no crown of solar rays like Alexander the Great. Indeed, throughout his reign, Augustus repeatedly refused to be deified or even named dictator. He was only a powerful empire. But a few people believe that Augustus’ came from the gods. They think so because Cupid is next to him and also the angels and gods on his armor. The statue is also probably a copy of a colossal bronze statue located at the top of the mausoleum of augustus. I personally think that it was also built to have a major propaganda. This was for the people to not worry about Augustus new powers and peace are good thing as he was the first emperor. There are numerous depiction of Augustus, as armed general, hooded high priest, on horseback, heroic nude warrior, imitating jupiter or mars etc. Merges of classical greek idealism and roman naturalism, we can tell how Augustus looks like. If you compare it with the greek art, there are a lot of similarities in the body structure. As it’s said, Roman art is influenced from greek art.