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One of the greatest warrior, who never left anything and made everything to destruction in the place he went as war. One of the greatest emperor who gained land as much as twice as any emperor could gain on the planet. The emperor who conquered land as much as the whole continent Africa. The emperor who never let anybody to portrait his picture during his reign. The emperor who gave special privileges to woman and also allowed divorce for woman. The emperor who never late anybody to slave the people. The king who saved many cultures, tradition and practices. The emperor who gave religious freedom and supported religious tolerance and gave people to follow all the religion. The emperor who feared by the people most during his reign. This great emperor is none other than the Great Genghis Khan which is said as Chinggis Khan in Mongolian Language.Birth and Early LifeGenghis khan is the name used to be referred by the europeans. Ghengis khan was born in the spring of 1162 AD in the border of Siberia and Mongolia, along the banks of the river Onon. He was born to Yasugi who was tribal chief of the tribe Kamang Mongol. His mother was Hoelun. His father kidnapped his mother and married her.  Genghis khan was born to them with clutching blood clot on his right hand, according to the Mongolian tradition and Astronomy the baby born with blood clot in its right hand will become a great ruler who would conquer the whole earth. Genghis khan’s parents named him Temujin which means iron. Genghis khan’s father died in the year of 1171 AD. He was killed by another tribe by posing the food. Temujin was just 9 year old when his father died. The tribe then abandoned Genghis khan’s family since there was no strong ruler.Later when he was about 10 years old, he killed his older half brother and became the head of the family.MarriageGenghis khan then married bride Borte in the age of 16, (1178). Their marriage was decided when they were young by their parents. Then later Borte was kidnapped by a rival tribe. It was not much difficult for Genghis Khan to rescue his wife.Tribal ChiefThen when his 20 year old he made a conquest on Tatar tribe which killed his father. In this war he did something unusual he commanded his soldiers that all the people who were above a certain height (scientists predict that it was 90 centimeter or 3 feet) were beheaded or asked them to isolate their head from them. Then Genghis Khan wanted to conquer the Xia Dynasty. For this conquest he need a big army, so he wanted to unite all the tribes and make it is Mongolian empire. Many tribal chief agreed because of the Genghis Khan’s conquest on the Tatar Army. But still some tribal chief disagreed so Genghis Khan ordered his servants to kill one of the tribal chief who disagreed. The servants killed the tribal chief. Later in the morning, when all the people came to know Genghis khan said to them that the people from heaven killed him for not listening to Genghis Khan. Then everybody started fearing of Genghis khan. Genghis Khan then started uniting all the Mongolian tribes and demanded them for tributes. The Mongolian army carried no supplies and they lived for a long time without food. When the Mongolian army felt thirsty and there was no source of food around them they would just open their horse’s vein, and drink its blood, and then they would close the horse’s vein and get back of it and then start riding again. The Mongolian army were so aggressive. The army led by Genghis Khan was mainly of Cavalry. They used swords, spears, arrow, bow, etc… Establishing EmpireBy the 13th century the all the Mongolian tribes were joined as Mongolian empire. The empire consisted of nearly one million people. Genghis Khan conducted regular census, he banned kidnapping and selling of woman, he conducted regular census, he encouraged and gave freedom to cultural and talented people from not only Mongolia but also the others from different areas and empires. Xia ConquestThe first campaign led by Genghis Khan outside Mongolia was the Xia Dynasty of China. Genghis Khan surrounded the side parts of the Xia Kingdom. He made lots of raids to China in the early 13th century. Then in 1209, the Mongolians went for a war with Xia dynasty but with a strategy. The Mongolians planned to flood the capital city Yinchuan and then conquer the city. Khan’s army had no supply except a great number of soldiers. The Mongolian’s plan failed to flood the soil. But the Xia presented a large amount of tribute to the Mongolians and they agreed to sent troops to the Mongolian army.Jin Conquest The Mongols next sent warning and asked for tribute to the Jin Dynasty in the north China. The Jin Dynasty refused to pay tributes to the Mongols. So the Mongolians sent lots of refugees to the countryside and to the kingdom. From 1211 to 1214, there was a big food shortage in the kingdom. So the Jin soldiers killed their farmers. In 1214, the Jin Capital Zhongdu was captured by the Mongolians. The Jin emperor has to pay a large amount of silk, silver, gold, horses, etc… to the Mongolians. Then Jin emperor moved his capital downwards the emperor to Kaifeng from Zhongdu. In this time the Mongolian destroyed the city Zhongdu completely. The Mongolians then made Zhongdu as their new capital. Khwarezmid ConquestLater in 1219, Genghis Khan made a conquest to the Khwarezmid Empire which ruled the Western Asia, Eastern Europe and the middle east. When Genghis Khan agreed to a trade treaty with the sultan of the Khwarezm empire. The sultan first agreed but later he doubted Genghis khan since he was great warrior and a brilliant tactician even though Genghis Khan wanted to do trade with the empire. The Sultan killed the first merchant who came to trade with the Khwarezm empire. The Sultan later killed some more merchants and ambassadors. Due to this Genghis Khan aggressively went for a war against the Khwarezm empire. The Mongols brought the whole empire to ground. The Mongol army didn’t give rest they destroyed all the cities of the empire one after another including Bukhara, Samarkand and Urgench. In these battles the Mongols conquered the people, skilled people were saved, unskilled people were used as shields for the next battle. Women and children were also saved. After this big conquest the Mongolian empire became the largest empire ever on earth and Genghis Khan became one of the most powerful ruler in the world.The end of Genghis KhanIn 1225, Genghis Khan returned to Mongolia. The Xia dynasty refused to sent troops for the Khwarezm conquests. So the Mongolians again went for a battle against the Xias. But this time Genghis Khan fell down from a horse and had lots of internal injuries which he never recovered from. Then in 18, August 1227 Genghis Khan died after becoming a successful ruler who conquered the whole world. In his funeral, thousands of people participated but none of them were spared all the people were buried along with Genghis Khan. Until Now people don’t know where Genghis Khan’s tomb is located. Reasons of Genghis Khan’s SuccessGenghis Khan and his officials and followers were brilliant tacticians. They planned about how they were going to attack the enemy, which is the best way for supplies to come in and which is the best place for the soldiers to walk. They had good communication network and spy network. They used special attack to fool the enemy. One of them were the Mongols acted like they were defeated so the enemy would march forward and then they could place their sudden attacks and defeat the enemy soon. They throw large stone, heavy weapons, diseased animals, unskilled workers, etc… over the walls and enemy kingdom to defeat them. They created fear between people about them which was the biggest advantage for them. They also did a lot of things to destroy the enemy kingdom, for example, rerouting the streams, cutting of the supplies which would make the kingdom starve and they could conquer much more easier. They also made fake things to weak the opposite enemy. They lighted up extra campfires, placing straw soldiers on spare horses and they kept them at back to weak the enemy. They adopted many methods from the conquered land because their traditional method wasn’t much efficient.Contributes to HistoryThey also made a lot of significant things in history, they saved culture, skilled and talented people of the conquered land. But they still did a lot of cruel things. He killed nearly 700,000 people, making the population of persia dropping from 2,500,000 to 250,000. They destroyed some culture like the Xia, until the archeologist of 20th century found Xia, before people didn’t know about the Xia people. All the historical events about the Mongols are written in the Secret book of Mongol Staff. “Genghis Khan.”, A&E Television Networks, 2009, “1 in 200 men direct descendants of Genghis Khan.” Gene Expression, 4 Aug. 2010,