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Thursday June 23rd 2016 the people in the United Kingdom voted to
leave the European union. For the economic arguments that happened because of
the Brexit they can be both positive impact on Britain or a negative impact on
them, for example, trade, labour…etc. The UK arranged to leave the European
union on Friday march 29th 2019.


of with trade, a negative example about trade on Britain would be the free
trade, since it had free trade with Europe, things are going to change after
Brexit, and there will no longer be any free trade instead there is actually
going to be something called tariffs. Adding tariffs would make Britain pay
more for the things that need to be traded, in the long run might cause some
problems financially. Furthermore, any trade linked to European union would be
cut making Britain lose 63% of its traders. Trading between the European union
and Britain has lead to Britain going to other countries to try to trade with
them which is easier for Britain to do so than to make a new agreement with
European union. Because of the brexit and Britain having to trade with other countries
other than European union for example only for the car industry it has cost
them £4.5 billion, for tariffs, which would lead to a
disaster in the long run causing a lot of failures in the country. A positive
example would be smaller trade. Having smaller trade would help Britain
negotiate more and find better trading arrangements that would cause Britain to
develop even more.

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         Public sectors, the British government could actually save
up about £10
billion per year. Which makes Britain have more money to do something else with
it, something better which is basically opportunity cost and that would help
Britain with its trading because it has more money to offer countries, or it
could also use this money to find a way to use it for the country to make it a
more developed country that would benefit everyone. The brexit might also
affect the public sector on education and health, because the universities
might worry about not having access to any of the information about what is
happening in the European
union. Same thing goes to the health; Britain might not know everything
concerning the health of the people like they did before the brexit, which
might increase the chances of a person to get diagnosed with a disease or an
illness. So that no further damage could happen in the long run the European
union and Britain need to make an agreement to help both sides and to benefit
both sides.


accessibility, free movement will be cut, it wouldn’t be easy for people to get
to European union. This means more people are going to need more jobs in
Britain and not everyone could or will be right for the jobs leading to an
increase in difficulty for employing enough workers to work. Because after the
brexit the UK became a less welcoming place for the people and for all workers,
so that would also increase with the difficulty of employing people, which is
making it more difficult because now the UK has to start attracting and
grabbing the attention of the local people who need jobs, causing them to pay
more for the workers who are inexperienced and starting up workshops for
training to help them become more experienced workers that would help Britain.
Currently there aren’t any laws or rules that says that the European union
workers must not work in the UK but after the brexit is done and a this law
appears then there would be a large amount of unemployment and the UK is not
going to have enough workers to help in the country so that would mean that
they have to get more local people as mentioned above.


The effect of the brexit on Britain
in the short term could be controlled and could be dealt with but not in the
long run where the employees, the trading and the money are going to be a
problem in keeping the country developed and a success. With the right
negotiations and the right agreements and the right laws between Britain and
the European
union this could actually work for the both of them in the short run as well as
the long run.