Old the door, if you cannot do this

Old woman falls out of bathtub, “I’ve fallen, and I
can’t get up! Help!”(“Helpline Script”). Perhaps the door is locked; you
would need to kick the door in. Do you ignore the situation and hopes someone
comes to the rescue, call 911 and wait for emergency responders to bust in the
door, or take charge and busts the door in yourself? It is important to know that there are many ways of dealing
with a locked door. This may not be the first way to go
about it, how it may cost money to fix. This lesson is necessary only, and only
if it is an emergency, such as a fire or seeking emergency help. The first
would be lockpicking the door, if you cannot do this then turn to the internet
and take charge. If still not succeed, call 911 and wait for Emergency Responder
team to arrive.  

To begin with, lockpicking is a much safer and
inexpensive technique of opening a locked door. Lockpicking is usually done
when someone left their key at home or need to get into their house. This
should not be done if emergency help is needed. First, try to remember if you have a spare key hiding anywhere else. If
you’re in a rental property, make sure you call the groundskeeper, manager, or
landlord, before you intentionally break in. Also keep in mind, this should not
be used for any criminal behaviors, in many places, carrying lock picking equipment
without proof that you’re a locksmith is illegal. Don’t try to shoot locks from
doors, as it may result in potentially lethal injuries. If you purchase a lock-picking
set, usually sold at Lowes, Walmart, and Sears, you can follow the manual
instructions given with the kit, it may not result well seeing how Locksmiths go
through training. It is much easier to make your tools, which consists of,
housing items. For weak locks, a few paper clips will be sufficient. For
tougher locks, it may require bobby pins, wire clippers, and a pair of pliers.
The idea is to use metal firm enough to withstand tension. For both the weak
and tough locks, you will need to have a tension wrench, found at Walmart or AutoZone,
this will be used to apply tension to the bottom of the lock. You can look up
the proper ways to insert this into a lock. If
this does not open the door, then you may have to use another technique, such
as, kicking down the door. I guess watching Chuck Norris and Jason Statham
movies can benefit in the end.

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the same way, lockpicking can be beneficial only and only if you don’t have a
deadbolt. If you have a deadbolt, you may suggest busting the door down.
Busting the door down can result in injuries, if done incorrectly. Some pointer before you attempt to break down
the door, assess the doors swing. If it swings inwards or towards you, then you’re
out of luck.  If the door swings away
from you, then point your kick to the nearest weak spot- the place where the
lock is mounted. When you kick towards this make sure your feet are planted on
the ground and strike the dominate heel into the weak spot, using forward
momentum. Drive your other heel into the ground to ensure balance. It may take
multiple strikes, but you should eventually open it. While Chuck
Norris style looks predominant, it will no save you from breaking any bones. Do
no use your shoulders, or toes. When you go to kick, lean into it. Do not have
a running start, you get more momentum when your planted. Also do not use jump
kicks, youre not Jason Statham, may result in injuires.
the results of you kicking down the door isn’t sufficient, then you may just
need to call a locksmith or Emergency Response Team to have them break it down
for you.

Response Teams and other federal police forces use different techniques for
different scenarios.  Two types of sledge hammers are generally used,
one has a double face steel head weighing ten pounds, and the other is a double-faced
steel head weighing two-and-half pounds. Usually they employ the sledge hammers
inward opening doors, in which, the operator will stand on the hinge side of
the door and strike the door directly above the door knob. Using a sledge
hammer is easy to use, available, and is almost durable. However, it is very heavy,
and may take more hits to the door, and doesn’t work on outward opening doors.
Another technique police forces use, is the hooligan tool, in which, is a combination
of several tools. This tool is used for many different tasks, and is mainly
common to use in breaching open doors or windows. This tool can only be used
against inward or outward opening doors. The most common method for opening a door is the
battering ram, RAM. To employ the use of  RAM: swing the ram either underhanded, or side
arm and strike the door directly above the lcoking mount. This is very sufficient,
but also has its disadvantages of being heaving and the transportation of the
tool. These procedures of opening a locked door is sufficient
and will indeed save a person’s life. Most emergency response teams deal with
drug related situations but if there is the need of medical attention then, they
will use what works.

conclusion, lockpicking may be less damaging, it may not be the most ideal for
deadbolt doors. In this case, the use of busting the door down may work, in
emergency cases, because of the expenses. In most cases, it is more ideal for
you to just call a locksmith or emergency response team to come unlock the door.
The most beneficial way of dealing with
someone who seeks medical attention, would be taking charge and busting the
door down yourself. Above, it stated all the possible ways to deal with locked
doors. As for the elder woman, she got up safely and luckily unlocked the door,
so her vintage door wasn’t broken into. However, she had a few bruises from the
fall and needed to be assessed by paramedics for other injuries.