Nowadays in the traditional approaches. New policy

all compensation and benefits system of companies have been organized, drawn and
implemented on previous generations with quite success. But if we manage to
imply the same strategy to Generation Z employees who are entering now the
workforce it is most possible to become a failure. New age bring unique abilities
and characteristics that will affect total rewards, compensation and productivity.
We must spot the differences between them and make our company attractive,
motivational and become talent retainment for the younger ages.

years Gen Z group will be the biggest part of global workforce. It is mandatory
for us to work hard to find new and emerging alternative salary and wage
methods complying with the fundamental elements in the traditional approaches. New
policy should be adjusted and find new incentives to be competitive in
recruiting the best potential employees.

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Allowing that some of the characteristics of their personalities are: digital
natives, reluctant but diverse, multicultural, multilingual, impatient, higher
IQ than previous gens in fact, many Gen Z individuals indicate that technology
sophistication would impact their interest in working for one company over
another. Grown in an environment of economic crisis their desire to work is big
even if they haven’t finish high school yet.They have a sense of social justice
and philanthropy, too, rooted in a maturity that springs from growing up during
severe economic recessions.

As anyone might expect, at that point, cash and tenure are top inspirations
for this generation. They need consistency, however not monotony; they search
for chances to progress and will stay faithful to an organization that can give
them. They are eager to work from the bottom and take what they deserve. Their
way of thinking and acting is innovating and unique. Members of Generation Z
like to be independent and judged on their own merits. They are entrepreneurial
and creative, and they like to take ownership of projects. They like autonomy
and want to work at their own pace and in their own space. (In fact, they do
not like open office spaces; they would rather share anything than office

But they are
participative, too, and may pursue multiple opportunities at once, such as
working in marketing two days a week and sales three days a week. They may seek
job rotation programs that allow them to explore diverse options.

As visual learners
who also absorb content in short stories, newsfeeds, and soundbites, Generation
Z employees will look for ways to streamline processes, procedures, and how
work gets done.

At last, individuals from Generation Z are profession organizers who will
push for directness. They request trust from their chiefs, and need to have the
capacity to look at them and be treated honestly. Although they won’t
anticipate that their managers will have every one of the appropriate
responses, they are willing to have someone by their side to show them the
right way.

Gen Z candidates ensure the employer of of a steady salary. They need
rewards and advancements in view of execution, not residency. While salary and
benefits are important, they also place significant value on being able to
advance. Because they seek work/life balance, they also value flexibility and
do not like a regimented schedule that does not allow time for personal breaks.

Ultimately, they want
customized total rewards packages, not one-size-fits-all compensation

Generation Z
employees are like no generation before them. They have grown up in the digital
age and may have little patience for longstanding workplace methods. They will
expect a lot from their employers, but also expect a lot from themselves – and
are poised to deliver on that promise.

As an employer, using the generational profile
information above, you can set the stage for tremendous contributions from your
new Generation Z employees. In doing so, you can help them achieve their goals,
and be rewarded with loyalty that recent generations might not have shown.