Nowadays, materials. In fact, aluminum is widely used

Nowadays, aluminum has become a vastly used metal, which makes it a
particular interest to researchers1. It has a special combination of desired properties that
makes it one of its kind. One of the desired
properties in most applications is to have a high
strength to weight ratio. In most cases, aluminum is an appropriate
material for the applications where higher strength with lower weight is
required. If aluminum is compared with steel, aluminum density is one third
that of steel2. Some other special properties of aluminum among
others are a linear expansion, non-toxicity,
extreme durability, corrosion resistance, good
reflection to visible light, besides to its good radiated heat
reflecting, moreover, its high heat and electrical conductivity1.
Aluminum is an easily machinable metal, the project has exploited this property
and manufactured tensile test samples with the help of using the conventional
lathe machine. Aluminum has an effective and considerable property which modern
industries take it into account, that is, it could be recycled with no losing
any of its qualities, there is no limit to how many times aluminum can be
recycled, it can be recycled again and again whereas it will never wear out3,
which makes it one of the most valuable materials. In fact, aluminum is widely used in many applications including
architectural, automobile and aerospace applications taking the advantage of some properties such as lightweight, ease of formability, and corrosion
resistance. However, its low strength and hardness have greatly limited the
equipment life in these applications as high strength, hardness and surface
wear resistance are important properties for extended life.

Also, one of this
current project reinforcements is the wasted white chicken eggshell particles
and reinforce the aluminum by them. Eggshell is the outer protection layer of
an egg, consisting many calcium carbonate layers. Eggshell wastage accumulation
is a major issue for egg-producing
companies, The
U.S. food industry accumulates 150,000 tons of eggshell waste every year, says
Joe MacNeil, professor emeritus of food science at Pennsylvania State
University’s State College. That puts eggshells in 15th place on the
Environmental Protection Agency’s list of food industry pollution problems
Chicken eggshells, which are the primary type of eggshell waste accounted for4.
Companies are paying up to $100,000 a year to dispose of eggshells in
landfills, many landfill owners do not want eggshells because the protein-rich
membrane which adheres to the shell attracts rats and other vermin5.

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