Nowadays beard lovers. Since then they seem to

Nowadays thousands and thousands of products for beautification are being
sold globally. From women’s makeup, to men’s beard oils and creams. Despite the
fact that these products actually work, people are becoming much more aware of
such products day by day. A recent survey concluded, these products worth
approximately over $4.3 billion dollars were sold last year (2017), most of
which were said to be women’s products. However, men’s attention too, towards
these products are boosting the production of these. Very common of these
products are beard oils and creams. There are many different types of these
oils and creams, some help your beard look thicker and healthier, some help
your beard look smooth and shiny and some help reduce the itchiness in your beard
as it removes the beardruff almost completely. It acts as a conditioner for
your beard and skin. The quality of these oils and creams varies depending on
different brands. Top brands of these products are mentioned below (quality


Top Brands:

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Honest Amish Classic beard oil:


The Amish classic beard oil
is internationally one of the most liked and common beard oil brand. The honest
amish classic beard oil stands forefront among all the other famous beard oil
brands. First this brand came up with a beard balm which was recognized and
liked globally among beard lovers. Since then they seem to gradually step up in
the market and started building their economy by even higher sales. By
introducing the new classic beard oil this company is focusing on maintaining a
dominant position in the market. By constantly improving the quality of their
products they seem to attract the consumers and the consumers love it as it
always fills their expectations. This product makes your beard softer and the
profound scent of it smells extremely decent.


Ingredients they use:


The Amish Classic Beard oil
uses ingredients such as:

Avocado oil

Kukui oil

Jojoba oil

Apricot kernel oil

Sweet almond oil

Pumpkin seed oil



It is 100% natural and is made by hands.

A very decent  and mild scent.

Straightens unruly and curly hair.


The cost of this product
varies from $9 to $22 depending on the product.


Woodland harmony by Seven Potions


When you go to buy a beard
oil from Seven potions, they claim that you have come to the right place. Their
distinctive mild scent glamorizes your personality even more. Applying this
will give your beard a healthy and naturally shiny look while maintaining the
moisture of your skin so that your skin under the beard never itches. It also
helps your beard to not look very greasy. Despite the fact that there are so
many other Beard oil companies The Woodland harmony by Seven potions never
stepped down in the race. This product is expertly produced to make your beard
look thicker, smoother and unwired.


Ingredients they use:

Fragrance (blend of organic essential oils)

Cedar wood essential oil

Sandalwood essential oil

Vitamin E

Sweet Almond oil (Prunus dulcis amara)

Jojoba oil (Simmondsia Chinensis0

Crambe seed oil (crambe abyssinica)

Apricot kernel oil


100% natural ingredients

The oil doesn’t sit for very long and blends in the skin


Beardoholic Natural Beard oil:


This Brand essentially
focuses on the most intolerable thing a beard lover experiences that is,
helping with the itchiness under your beard on your skin. When ever you are
about to grow beard, after sometime you start feeling the itchiness on it. It
gets extremely aggravating and irritating after a while. This product helps
eliminate that itchiness completely as it helps moisturize both the skin and
the beard. There is so much more to like about this product: as it is produced
by some of the most experienced people. It also contains a very unique scent
which you carry on your beard and make your personality even more attractive.


Ingredients they use:

Pine fragrance oil

Grape seed oil

Wheat germ oil

Castor oil

Almond oil

Argan oil



It acts as a great moisturizing agent

It is mixed with vitamin E essential oils which is great for the beard


Art Naturals Organic beard oils


This company claims to
produce 100% natural and pure beard oils. Unlike others this beard oil is
unscented, meaning, it doesn’t have any synthetic fragrance. This products aims
to soothe the itchiness and it has another very distinctive quality that it
combats the acne on your skin as well. None of the other beard oils provide you
with this quality. Since it has very unique qualities, many beard lovers prefer
this product over many others. Its unique ingredients help aid energizing,
healthy and fast growth. It contains such antioxidants that clean your skin
pores very gently and makes the oil suitable for every type of skin.


Ingredients they use:

Organic jojoba oil

Vitamin E oil


Organ Moroccan argan oil


A little better than the average ingredients

One of the best for combating itchiness

A masculine and mild scent


Tea Tree Beard Oil:

Spending months on the research and study, this beard oil is made from the
purest forms of natural oils. One of the best beard oils you will find on the
market to date. This beard oil made up of delicate ingredients makes your beard
very light weight and doesn’t make it look greasy. Most of the complains from
the consumers usually are that the oil makes the beard greasy. With this beard
oil you can have your beard fully non-greasy as well as looking shiny, healthy
and smooth. This company also claims that none other than Tea Tree Beard oil
can provide you with the same scent as they do. They promise to maintain their
quality or even improve it to much better quality.

Ingredients they use:


Grape fruit seed extract

Vegetable derived glycerin

Naturally-derived fragrance

Castor oil

Grapeseed oil

Almond oil

Jojoba oil



Unlike other beard oils, it is very easy to apply

A natural remedy to cure your unruly beard hair

A very unique and distincive scent


Mutual and most used Ingredients:


Jojoba oil:

Jojoba oil is specially considered for its effect on healthy hair growth.
Jojoba oil comes out of jojoba trees which is found inside the seeds. Mostly
they are considered Wax Ester rather than oil. Jojoba oil balances the
production of the oil on your skin as it imitates the oil that is produced
naturally on your skin. These are commonly used despite the fact that these do
not have any side effects and treats the acne on your skin as well. Here are
some of the benefits of Jojoba oil (mentioned below).

1.       It strengthens your scalp or your skin and acts
as a remedy to your hair loss, be it your beard or your hair.

2.      By applying it your hair reproduce themselves at
a very quick pace

3.      It moisturizes your scalp or skin


Almond oil:

Almond oil is full of potassium, zinc, proteins and vitamin E. These are
some of the best properties for your beard growth as it eliminates the
beardruff and helps reduce the inflammation. By using this oil you actually
strengthen and nourish your hair which is optimal for preventing hair loss and
having healthy hair. A few drops of it can make your beard look shinier and
healthier. It is also very useful by applying it on your skin as it gently
cleans the pores on your skin and remove the sitting debris on it. Some of the
benefits of this oil are as follows:

1.       It contains such properties that deal against the
UV rays and protects your hair from it.

2.      Contains very important properties like Vitamin
A,B and E which help your hair shine.

3.      Contains some properties that help and prevent
the breakage of your hair.


Argan oil:

Argan oil which comes out of a very special kind of tree is also one of the
best and most commonly used ingredient that helps strengthen your hair and give
a decent look to it. This oil is proved to be one of the best to have your
beard thicker, shinier and smoother. It is widely used as a conditioner as well
as it fixes your unruly hair in a quick pace. It contains antioxidants that
boost the production of cell. It also helps prevent the damaging impact on your
beard or hair by the overuse of other dangerous synthetic products. Benefits or
Argan oil:

1.       It acts as a hair mask so that your beard is not
vulnerable to the environmental damaging debri.

2.      Can be used as a conditioner if you want your
hair to look silky and smooth

3.      It can also be used as a styling agent as it
gives your beard a nice light shiny look.


Effects of beard oils:


The global misconception
that such essential natural oils do not cause allergic reactions has been
denied by various experts. According to some researches these oils are proved
to be even more viable to allergic reactions and makes your skin vulnerable to
it. These oils are to be stored in a dark and cold environment so that they are
not exposed to light and air. If it is exposed to light or air it may have
higher chances to be oxidized and become a risk by causing allergic reaction.

Synthetic Fragrances:

Most of the companies propose that their product is expertly produced
naturally and not synthetically. Many experts have reported that while these
products contain natural properties, also contain a trace amount of synthetic
fragrances that are harmful for your skin. Experts say that while these oils
seem optimal choice, these can also be very harmful. So if you feel like you’re
allergic to these, experts recommend that you use other beard products that
come without the oils.

How to apply beard oils:

Applying the beard oil is
not necessarily the most difficult task of the day, although you have to be a
tiny bit careful about somethings like, applying the oil when your beard is
completely dry. So whenever you take a shower, make sure that your beard is
completely dry, then apply it. This is the most optimal time for applying it as
your beard softens and  it helps the oil
to absorb almost completely to the roots of your beard. The most optimum amount
of beard oil is that you pour 2 to 3 drops on your palm, rub it and then gently
apply it to your beard.


Availability of branded beard oils in Pakistan:

Compared to foreign brands
Pakistani beard oil brands are not very effective. The foreign quality is far
more better than the quality is available to us here. However, we can always
order it online, although it will be a little costly but it will definitely be
worth it. There are many Sites from you can order these products. Some of these
brands’ very own websites provide with the facility of shipping it to different
parts around the world. If you cannot find a brand that does the shipping to
your country, you can find these products on other ecommerce sites like or etc..



Nowadays beard oils are a
men’s necessity for having an attractive beard as it contains many natural oils
like Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Castor oil etcetera and several other properties
that help strengthen your beard and look stronger and smoother. Various brands
are putting forward the research that helps improving the quality of these
beard oils. 


Can beard oil grow beard?

Beard oil cannot grow beard,
it can only increase the pace of the growth of your beard and make it stronger
and thicker.

How often should you put on
beard oil

You can put on beard oil
regularly as long as you dont feel any allergic reactions or any other health
care issue and if you do, it is strongly recommended that you consult a doctor

Can it cause damage to the

If you choose the right
brand that provides the most purest and natural forms of these oil, it is not
something you should be worrying about.

Is the beard coloring oil

Beard coloring gives your beard a colored look which
is synthetically produced and can be very harmful. Experts recommend that you
avoid using beard coloring products if you can