“No me. No ropes or chains can keep

“No prison can hold me; no hand or leg irons or steel locks can shackle me. No ropes or chains can keep me from my freedom!” -Harry HoudiniHarry Houdini’s ChildhoodThe mysterious, magical Harry Houdini was born March 24,1874 in Budapest, Hungary. Harry Houdini’s name from birth was Erich Weisz. His family celebrated Jewish holidays as a religion of Judaism and the father,Samuel Weisz was a Jewish Rabbi at the temple that Houdini went to as a kid. Later on in Harry Houdini’s childhood his family and him moved to Appleton,Wisconsin, were as a child Harry Houdini claimed he was born,after the move there.Their family didn’t stay there long because it was hard to make money and find a job for Houdini and his father for their family. Then the family moved Milwaukee,Wisconsin when Harry Houdini was eight years old. Harry had to work as a middle age child to help support for his family knowing that he was the oldest and the most responsible to help his mother and father to support Harry’s other six siblings. So as a child Harry shined shoes and sold news paper to help support his family.      After they moved to Milwaukee,Wisconsin Harry and his father moved to New York City to earn more money for his family. It was hard for Harry’s family in Milwaukee with 6 other siblings and a mother at home all day to take care of them and not at a paying job. On October 28, 1883, nine year old Ehrich made his first step to being a magician and took the stage performing a trapeze act. He called himself ” Ehrich, the prince of the air!”Then when Ehric was twelve he hopped on a freight train and ran away from his family and home. While Ehric ran away the rest of his family relocated themselves to New York knowing that they have better pay and more opportunities. Ehric soon went back to his family in New York now knowing how harsh it would be to live any longer without his mother and father providing for him. So once again he helped his mother and father earn money for the family except this time he was working as a  messenger, necktie cutter, or a photography assistant. Ehric also starting his interest in being a magician by performing at a dime museum acting as a magician along as acting in slideshows, circuses and finally escape acts with handcuffs. How Harry Houdini got his nameHarry Houdini wanted a stage name but In 1894, Ehrich launched his career as a professional magician and renamed himself.His first name was renamed after his childhood nickname “Ehrie” which sounds like the name Harry. And also renamed his last name after the great french magician Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin.Harry Houdini’s AdulthoodAt about age 17, Ehrich Weisz now known as Harry Houdini left his family to step into the footsteps of another magicians, otherwise known as Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin that was a french magician.Then at the age twenty after practice with performing magic in front a crowd a couple of times in New York, Houdini soon married Wilhelmina “Bess” Rahner in 1893,and joined a circus where he learned more about and perfected his escape tricks. Bess became his onstage partner replacing his brother Theo. Harry and his wife Bess had no children. Their dog Charlie was like their child. Later Houdini brought his talent to a film arena, where he acted and started his own film laboratory, called The Film Development Corporation.In 1899 he met Martin Beck an entertainment manager that helped Harry become popular all over the United States and Europe. Harry also tried flying,writing, acting in movies and even started his own production company and became the president of Martinka & Co., America’s oldest magic company.Years later Harry Houdini would receive a star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. In to add to his carrer Harry showed interest in the field of aviation, and was the first person to ever fly over Australian land.Later in the 1920’s, Harry became interested in the occult, specifically in exposing those who try to do something they cant like mediums and physics. When he trained in magic it helped him expose frauds or those who don’t know what they are actually doing to perform what they were performing that scientist and academics couldn’t. He recorded his time investigating the occult in his book, A Magician Among The Spirits.After that in 1962 Harry Houdini diedHarry Houdini’s Most famous acts One of the most famous acts Harry Houdini has performed in public was the Belly Of A Whale Escape. In 1911 , while Houdini was performing in Boston , ten businessmen challenged him to escape from the belly of a whale. Because Houdini had escaped other things that were  locked up in handcuffs and leg-irons supplied by local police they thought that it would make it harder for him and then sewn up inside the whale’s belly. Not one known to refuse an exciting challenge, Harry Houdini agreed. With Houdini sewn inside , the dead body of a whale that was tightly sewn and wrapped in chains. Fifteen minutes later , the great magician in sight with a smile on his face , and audiences had no idea that he nearly suffocated on dangerous chemical fumes — the chemical used to keep the whale from decaying.Another one of the great magicians most famous acts was The East Indian Needle Trick. For the people that can’t swallow pills , this trick will make you frightened. Houdini could swallow 100 needles and 20 yards of thread with nothing other than a drink of water. After showing his empty mouth to the audience, he reached inside his mouth and pulled out every single needle, fully threaded together and often reaching the full length of the stage.Among Harry’s most not famous stunts was the Underwater Box Escape introduced in 1912. Where Houdini had 57 seconds to unlock the handcuffs and leg-irons. While also needing to escape a crate full of 200 pounds of lead and then filled with water.Then in 1912, he started the Chinese Water Torture Cell. In this act, he was forced upside-down in a locked glass-and-steel cabinet filled with water and held his breath for over three minutes to escape. By remaining stuck in a tightly closed bronze jug shaped thing for one-and a-half hours. In 1926, Harry Houdini broke Egyptian performer Rahman Bey’s record of one hour, saying that he breathed quietly without using any trick or supernatural powers.Harry Houdini’s DeathHarry Houdini, one of the most famous escape artist, died on Halloween or October 31st, 1926 at the age 52 in room 401 in the Grace Hospital. Right before he died he lectured a bunch of college students in canada and was bragging about how he thought his stomach muscles were very strong. J. Gordon Whitehead, a McGill university student punched Houdini twice in the stomach thinking of it as a success.The stomach punches caught Houdini by surprise before he had time to prepare himself.It turned out those two punches ruptured Houdini’s appendix. Right after the punches Houdini didn’t stop he performed a couple more escape tricks and then he found out he ruptured his appendix and that it was infected with peritonitis an infection of the organs. Harry Houdini’s Family RelationshipsHoudini had strong relationships with his family.  On July 17, 1913, Houdini’s mother, Cecilia Steiner Weiss, died after suffering a stroke. When the dreadful news of his mother’s death reached Houdini in Copenhagen for a performance, he fainted. It took several days for heartbroken Houdini to get back to New York. His family held the burial (against Jewish custom) so Houdini could have one last look at his mother. He placed in her casket a pair of woolen slippers which she had asked him to get her in Europe. Houdini’s mother’s death might have been one of the single most important events that had ever happened to Houdini. His feeling of his mother is well-known, and those who knew him said that he was never quite the same man after his mother’s death. He was sad and had very strong feeling for his mother’s death and some in regret of what he did when he was young for months.Then on November 22, 1913, Houdini wrote to his brother Theo (Hardeen). Even some magicians will tell you after his mother died Houdini had been attending seances in the hope to communicate with her. But could never get a connection with her.I wish he didn’t have to feel the pain of losing his mother. I hope that that didn’t ruin his career for him. And i hope that the good memories of his family and his mother will help Houdini go through other tough obstacles.