NISHAT weaving unit with 500 semi-automatic looms; later

business in 1951 as a partnership concern, which was converted into private
limited company in 1959. In 1961, the company went public and was listed on the
Karachi stock exchange, the only stock exchange in the
country at that time. NML started out as a weaving unit with 500 semi-automatic
looms; later
10000spindles were added, laying the foundation on nation’s
biggest textiles composite project.
Composite project at Nishat mills limited Faisalabad covering 98 acre of land’s
providing all production process under one roof i.e. spinning, weaving,
processing stitching and power generation. Nishat Mills Limited Firmly
believing in ‘Growth through Professional Management’ our corporateculture is based on decentralization, delegationofauthority, encouraging theacceptance
of responsibility and inculcating quality consciousness .It is our conviction that every successful
organization is a reflection on the commitment,
dedication, and team spirit of its employees, and  Nishat is no exception. Our people
are all imbued with the spirit, a fact manifested in our rapid growth and low
turnover Nishat  continue to strive
to be a better group today than what they were yesterday, for their customers, for their shareholders, for
their investors, for the environment, for the community and for their
employees, for it is with them that Nishat 
has achieved so much success in last fifty years.

Marketing Situation of NISHAT LINEN:-

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Pakistani textile market the concept of a one-stop shop is not new as there are
many stores like Ideas, ChenOne and Habitt which are striving hard to provide their customers with the
ease and comfort of one-stop it. These stores are strong with their brand names
and recognition where they provide their customers with high quality and design
variations so as to make the element of uniqueness distinct in the consumer’s
mind. As a result strong competition has surfaced among these textile giants
which are fighting hard and fast to retain and grown their customer share in
the market Nishat
Linen emerged, in the midst of such consistent and tough competition, as a
prodigy of Nishat Group; one of the leading and most diversified business
groups in South Asia. Throughout the years, Nishat has made its place as one of
the market leaders in fulfilling the home and personal needs of consumers.
Currently Nishat is enjoying a palace within the minds of its target market
that support it maintain a distinctive palace among its competitors. Nishat is
the market leader in its category due to its superior quality, a well-developed
brand name, marketing efforts that hit its target segment rightly and
continuously changing the product designs and features to meet the needs and
requirements of its valuable dynamic customers. This all has helped Nishat to
gain a differentiated image in the market that has it a prestige symbol.