News portrayed in the modern world was different.


News media are the most advanced
internet services used across the entire world. Social media impact on people’s
lives in terms on how we communicate with each other, behave or act certain ways
in the society. Prior to this module, my understanding of news media and how
they are portrayed in the modern world was different. My perception on social
media networks was that they are used  
to distract people from their everyday activities as well as limiting
their capacity to engage in social life. . However a range of different research
seem to challenge my previous understanding of how social networks are utilised
around the world. Social media are describe as “those that allow people: to say
or make things; to share things with others; and to have that saying, making or
sharing made visible to still others” (Meikle, 2006, p. 17).  Social media are tools used to circulate
information across the globe thus allowing us to predict what different people
from different regions might be doing or experiencing throughout their lives.
Pope Benedict (2011) proposed that the presence of new technologies in today
society not only change the way we communicate with others but also allows us
to learn more about different cultures. Once we have learned more about others,
it enables us to deepen our thinking and it creates opportunities for us
construct new relationships with different types of people.


 News media provide us with opportunities to
learn more about other people from different groups, tribes and nations, this
allows us to determine whether we can consider them as friends or enemies (Pope
John Paul 2005). Additionally, Chang ( 2014, p.196 )  suggested that Social Network services  are online 
platforms people use to reveal information  about themselves  and construct 
personal interaction with their friends 
and families . Keating et al. (2008, p.1067) proposed that digital technologies
have impact on the aspects of communicative behaviour in terms of our social
interaction with others (as cited in Chang, 2014).These advanced technologies
have made communication and interaction possible to many people around the
world.  Furthermore, Hillygus & Erbring
(2008) argued that the introduction of Internet has allowed us to have more and
better social relationships in terms of the ways we communicate with friends
and families. For example , if I 
wanted  to  buy a watch , it might be worth  buying it 
online rather than having to go to the local store, as this might allow
me to have  more time I spend with my
family or friends. Gruzd et al. (2017) proposed that the importance of news
media is often recognised when there is connection between both online and
offline users in terms of tasks accomplished and effective changes occurred in
each individual’s social life. Social networks are used  to build 
friendships and  also to maintain  relationships within our families and this is
so because  they  allow 
people to  share with others  some 
personal thoughts and achievements ( Wilcox & Stephen 2013).

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Furthermore, news media
allow people to express themselves freely, they also help us learn and compare
our identities to the rest of the world. 
Back et al. (2010) suggested that people use social networks in
search for fulfilment of variety of social needs, such as self-expression and
self-presentation (as cited in Wilcox & Stephen, 2013). Additionally,
Wilcox & Stephen (2013) proposed that news media play a role in enhancing one’s
self-esteem as well as promoting a positive wellbeing.  During their experiment carried out on how
social network sites affect one’ self-esteem, Wilcox and Stephen concluded with
an assumption that when people post information about themselves online, they
are more aware of how their close ones will make sense of the information.
Bushman & Baumeister (1998) stated that high level of self-esteem often
leads one’s development of a positive social behaviour (as cited in Wilcox
& Stephen, 2013). Meikle (2016) argued that social network services such as
twitter and Facebook, have allowed people to become closer by allowing them to
connect with their family members who might be living on the other side of the
world. Additionally, Social media plays a significant role in individual’s
positive experiences and also provide lessons about health related issues.
Social media encourages and increases opportunities for people to participate
in online heath policy and practice (Fergie & Hunt, 2016, p.1325).  Fergie and Hunt proposed that health issues
such as depression, anxiety, suicides, diabetes, etc.… have been well discussed
throughout social media and   this has allowed
people to develop more awareness about these health problems.

 Moreover, Pope Benedict (2011) suggests that
it is important we do not ignore the dark side of the news media in our
society. We must consider and take into account all the challenges and
complexities presented in the media. According to Pope John Paul (2005) news
media can portray hostility and conflicts which can lead bigger issues the
world is facing today such as violence, war, or even genocide. God through his
teachings always asks us to love and care for one another, therefore it is then
our responsibility to act upon that by doing good things in our communities
such as responding to natural disasters in our neighbouring countries,
providing water and shelters for those in need, church gathering in honouring
those who might have lost their lives in any type of tragic situation.


In conclusion, prior to this
topic my understanding of social media news and how they are portrayed in our
modern society has been challenged and expanded throughout this essay. News
media can be used to create unity within the community, to educate people,
strengthening relationships and to promote global solidarity in the world. It
is also important that we acknowledge the role social media plays in dividing
our communities, hostile activities expressed in media, violence and so many others.
Therefore, what one does or how one deals with the outcome of these arising
issues is what can help us to predict what the actual role social media plays
in our lives really is.