Nestled the thrilling rides and fun activities,

Nestled on the
western coast of India, Mumbai is also known as the financial capital of India.
It has derived its name from goddess Mumba Devi, worshipped by the local Koli
inhabitants. Being the commercial and entertainment centre of India, Mumbai
generates five percent of India’s GDP. Also known as the business centre of
India, Mumbai is the most populous city in our country. Notably, the city was
built by the British to serve British mercantile interests. And, presently
Gujaratis and Parsis dominate the city’s economy.

Being one of the
most popular tourist destinations, Mumbai offers a number of activities that
attract tourists round the year. People can visit Marine Drive which is located
in South Bombay and also referred as the “Queen’s Neclace.” Elephanta Island is
also a prominent place to go. Moreover, one can explore various beaches in
city. Juhu Beach is the most sought after beaches in India. Also, for some of
the thrilling rides and fun activities, Essel World is the perfect place as it
provides rides for the people of all age groups and remains open 365 days in a
year. Siddhivinayak Temple, Taraporewala Aquarium, Worli Seaface, Chowpatty
Beach, Aksa Beach, Colaba Causeway Market, and Mount Mary Church are some of
the other important places to visit in Mumbai.

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Mumbai offers a spate
of accommodation options in order to promise a comfortable and luxurious stay
to the visitors. And, Bandra is one of the most important landmarks in Mumbai. There
are many hotels in Mumbai near Bandra.
Some of the best hotels in Mumbai Bandra
include OYO 9002 Bandra, Lucky Hotel, Livewel, Golden Plaza, Hotel
Siddhartha, Arma Hostel, and Taj Lands End. Offering complimentary breakfast service
OYO 9002 Bandra maintains 28 spacious rooms spread across 3 floors. It also provides
amenities like TV, Ac, En-suit bathroom with geyser. Located at 1 km distance
from the St Peter’s Church, Lucky Hotel provides free Wi-Fi service to its
guests. It has 21 rooms with attached bathroom. Livewel is situated at a
distance of just 2 km from the Bandra Railway Terminus and provides free
breakfast service. Also, it provides cooking facility and balcony to its guests.
Further, Hotel Siddhartha offers both budget and luxury stay to its guests. It
is in close proximity to the famous Lilavati Hospital and at a walking distance
from amusement parks, night club etc. Taj Lands End is a 5 star hotel offering grand
luxury rooms and suites with dramatic view of the city on sea from above Bandra Bandstand. It
maintains 24-hour fitness centre, spa, and outdoor pool and provides facilities
for the disabled.

Therefore, it
advisable to visit the beautiful city, Mumbai and enjoy your stay at some of
the luxurious hotels near Bandra
while experiencing the charm of the city at the same time. Moreover, to book hotels near Bandra Mumbai, people can
visit the official website of Yatra (