National shastra- science of liberation( from suffering)Suffering due

National Youth Day- Rashtriya Yuva divas- 12 th Jan0 Swami Vivekaand;s birthdayInspiration for Indian youthArise Awake and Stop not till the goal is reachedVivekananda’s conception of Human DevelopmentHe is close to our heart. Introduced our culture to western hemisphere and world parliament ofreligion- quest of religion in east and westPhilosophy means love of wisdom from philosophy and Sophia but our concept of philosophy ismoksha shastra- science of liberation( from suffering)Suffering due to failure, desires and emotionsPhilosophy 2500 years ago Pradipa sarva vidyanam- lamp of all science Resource of all actions andcentre of all virtuesDarshana- Realisation and practicePhilosophy is rational approach to life- philosophy makes you virtuosMisunderstanding about dharma- Dharma is for all- popularized by vivekanand- dharma means thatwhich holds ( the society, the world) No region, no boundary of it. It leads to peace and bliss. Itcannot be translated as ethics as in the western world. But sharma goes far beyond than ethics, beyondsociety even for man in caves. Dharma is for all. It goes beyond relation between human beings.Welfare of humanity and animals and nature, all living beings. Prashcit ceremony for cutting fruitsand flowers. Dharmic person have reverence to mountains and riversEg of Tenzing- had feeling of reverence on mt everst but not HillaryDharma changes your life through reverence. Purifies though- takes you to realm of spirituality-concept of dharma misunderstood by the western world- dharma is pure science- dharma is real ortruth- on par with scientific hypothesis- what is goof for society, living beings, and the universe.Why is dharma misinterpreted?1893- world parliament of religionComparing vivekanand with berton russel- education and freedom ideas are comprehensive but theydiffere in natureVivekand says man id divine, strength of man is outcome of divinity- we have knowledge and bliss asout birth right- difference is cause by difference in power to manifest divine-knowledge and actionand dedication manifested through education. All works are equal.Each human being stands for divine, Every teacher should be helpful not by condemning man but byhelping him manifesting the divinity- divinity is concept of knowledge and justiceExistence, knowledge and bliss every human being can experience. Scientific knowledge part ofdharmic activities. The word existence refers to righteous activities. Bliss means experience stages ofharmony and peace. It includes all human beings and natural beings, the whole universe.We require welfare of mind, body and spirit- mind and matter are manifestations of same reality= butRussel claimed that they are manifestations of neutral entity so Vivekananda is precursor but notmany people awareWe have duty to look after our body and mind-To experience Spiritual bliss- body should be strongand healthy- best instrument we have- human beings are embodiment of divinity- love for yourselfmeans love for all- goals of religion realised through body, first comes body then religion- nearer tohim through football than through study of Geeta- MacualaRussel in book ‘ Education’- traditional view was that we are all children with nature full ofwickedness- before any good we have to become children of grace with accelerated castigation- bornwith good or bad disposition-Vivekanad says we are born with disposition that has to be manifested through education, cultivatedthrough knowledge- human beings don’t have nature according to russel