Name kids math homework and gives straight opinions/feedback

Name of developer? Leapforg When used alongside teachers, what can computers do for learning? Can promote the happiness of learning new things, adding new fun interactive games to normally boring subjects. What will users be able to do with the FLY? write on a piece of paper, and communicate with the drawing or word that you drew on the paper. The FLY belongs to what new industry market? Anoto List and briefly explain the 4 applications the FLY can use. Fly ball – a interactive baseball games that uses valuable high-end baseball cards. The Pen top computer takes baseball cards to new heights. They can have new experiences with baseball cards.  Dear Me Diary – a diary you can write in with more than 600 writing assignments to let girls get excited about writing and let girls explore there enter writing styles. Includes 50 blank pages, 10 five sleeve photos, and 600 plus writing prompts and code maker activity.  Multiplication and Division – a hands on math experience and new program to help kids master their multiplication/division tactics. This product is directed by yourself with the help of your own kids math homework and gives straight opinions/feedback on your work. Spelling – a spelling game on a pad that makes it easy for kids to practice there weekly spelling study habits a little bit easier. This game is made to show memorization of spelling words  enjoyable and easier to remember Information Technology- “Rhino’s ROV Camera Slider brings smooth tracking shots to smartphones” Name of developer? Rhino What can this camera do? It can pair to Bluetooth, record in certain motions and certain ways with the touch of a button. Controlled by an app on your phone Using the article as a context clue, what does ROV stand for? Remotely Operated Vehicle  How long can the battery last? 24 Hour Battery Life How can you control the ROV?  It is controlled with a devoted app and this app varies in two different sizes.  Nanotechnology- “Nanotechnology promises massive data storage on a single disk” Name of inventor? Michael E. Thomas What type of storage system did Thomas invent? rewritable ferroelectric molecular optical storage nanotechnology Why does Thomas believe magnetic data storage will soon be obsolete Mr. Thomas say that “hard drives today will be reaching their para-magnetic limit” Url:  How do hard drives read and write data? The serial format, which also means it is read and written one small bit at a time.   What is 2D Area technology?  How long has it been in operation? it is the type of technology that allows” only a peripheral device to read/write the surface of the disk, tape, car, or drum” {directly from}  Biotechnology- “Human embryonic stem cells arranged using 3D printing technique” Where are the teams of scientists located? (Name the country and the university.) Edinburgh, Scotland (country) Heriot-Watt University   With this technology, what will scientists be able to create? a valve- based printing that was gentle enough to withstand very high stem cell impulse  After the hESCs are printed, how do researchers determine if the cells are alive? They run tests. What will this technology be able to create for patients? The scientists believe that it could create tissues and artificial organs  Explain how this technology would help with the global shortage of organ donors. It will give them a new artificial organ and they will not have to worry about organ donors because they can make one or have one already made.  Cognitive Science- “Cognitive Tutor 2006 Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II mathematics curricula” Name of the developer? ACT-R theory of learning  How was the instructional format developed? From tutors that had used a ” rigorous empirical testing process” URL:  that had had an end result of over fifty publications that had effectiveness of the modeling.    The Tutors support improvement in which subject area?  Math How were the Tutors themselves developed? ” A rigorous empirical testing process resulting in over 50 publications” URL:  Robots- “Golf robot designed to give everyone the perfect swing”  Names of developers? Prof. Erick Gradener and PGA Sasha Orlic What does the Top Swing enable a golfer to do? Purchasers of the “Top Swing Device” says it revolutionizes the golf world. It lets your practice like you are on the golf field but, you are really not on the golf fields. This lets you feel like you are really practicing outside while being in the comfort of your own Where were the first tests for the Top Swing conducted? It was at Markisher Golf Club Potsdam How does the Top Swing teach a student to swing correctly? “Top Swing consists of six shafts that are controlled by a PC. All shafts conjoin together at a point, to which a golf club is fastened. The golf pro can, according to his individual wishes, define the swing path of the club without being subjected to a particular system.” Url: Artificial Intelligence (AI)- “Scientists try to teach robots morality” Names of researchers? (List all schools involved.) Isaac Asimov, Tufts University, Brown University and the Renssealaer Polytechnic Institute If successful, what will robots with AI be able to do? They will attempt to model framework in a new way that could be implanted in an artificial intelligence What does autonomous mean? You may go to to find the definition.   Autonomous: self-governing, independent; subject to its own laws only  URL: After the framework is developed, how will researchers attempt to model moral reasoning in robots? Moral Competence   What skills make up moral competence according to Professor Scheutz? “They have to go to a preliminary ethical check using a system to those in the most advanced question- answering AIs, If more help needed it will rely on the system of Scheutz and colleagues” for developing  URL: