Name Jain, Manoj Kumar Sharma Year of publication

Name of the Author(s)

Dr. Dipin
Mathur, Apeksha Jain, Manoj Kumar Sharma

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Year of publication


Title of paper

Analysis Of Factors
Influencing Consumer Buying Behaviour In Modern As Well As Conventional
Retail Stores

Theoretical Framework


Objective of paper

The factors affecting the buying behaviour of the customers in
megastores and the satisfaction with schemes offered.

Variables identified


Research Method

Qualitative and Quantitative

Sampling method and size

The present study is about the consumer
buying behaviour in a retail store in Udaipur and Kota. These two cities are homogeneous
in nature and hence selected. Here in this study, sampling procedure is
followed. The selection of the retail store was on random basis where the
number of customers were approximately 300. For data collection
data source are – ?
Primary data: This data is collected by
the help of questionnaire. ?
Secondary data: This data is collected
by the help of internet, books, ?articles, &

Data analysis method



The major findings were that 39.33% of the consumers are influenced by
their family and 23.67% work according to themselves. These findings are for
the modern stores.In conventional stores around 50% of the consumers are
influenced by their family decisions.


Retailers don’t use family pack schemes which is really beneficial
here because major consumer population is affected by their families. They do
not offer lucrative schemes to attract the new customers and sometimes lack aftersales

Future research direction

Retail is currently the booming sector of the Indian economy. From the
analysis and income and occupation are major influencers thus making a major impact
on the buying behaviour of the consumers. Retailer must focus its resources on observing and studying consumer
buying motives and buying attitude.