Myntra It provides an opportunity to its

Myntra strategic trends:

Social media strategy

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Digital marketing strategy

Connect innovation

(A)Social media strategy: Social media strategy is aimed
towards fashion and latest designs. There are 5modes of social media strategy
which are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Google Plus.

?Facebook- More than
4,380,000people liked their Facebook page to get updates from Myntra. It
uploads 3,4pictures per day.

?Twitter: This account is similar
to Facebook page. 513K people follow its Twitter account. It has a lot of
tweets with its customers as they always respond to their customer complaints.

?Pinterest: There are few
followers on this site. It may be near about 2800. It shares all the latest
trends of fashion on it.

?Google Plus: Myntra
shares some of its videos on this social media. As the number of followers on
google plus is near about 800,000.

?YouTube: There are some
videos on YouTube which are fashion based video content.

(B)Digital marketing strategy: There are five types of digital
marketing strategy:



? Engage: To target
different customer segments, it has to create relevant content across
traditional, digital and media platform.

?Customize: To modify fashion
products and services at every step to know about customer lifetime value.

?Connect: It provides an
opportunity to its customers to connect with each other on its social media
sites which encourage user to fashion collages and offer content to follow
user, comment, like and share.

?Collaborate: It allow
users to make fashion community by collaborating with each other.

?Access: is a
user friendly mobile app which is accessible 24*7. It is 1st
destination for online fashion e-tailing.

(C)Connect innovation strategy:

?Fashion collages: To
create a forum that will allow its users to share their favorite branded
clothes and accessories. This will consent users to like, comment, share their
views on myntra home page.

?Virtual Trial Room: This
will allow user to check the size and style of clothes as person has to upload
their picture from gallery.

?Fashion hotline: Myntra
allows operators to connect with experts and other users on fashion hotline to
get better suggestion on products and brands before they make a purchase.

?Blogs, Vlogs and Fashion
Reviews: It allows users to share their blog, vlog and upload their own videos.

?Customer Conversation: Plan
a customer centric omni-channel strategy to stay accessible and relevant to
customer at all stages.

Myntra place within e commerce:

Myntra is an Indian e-commerce company which is
specialized in Fashion, apparel sales and lifestyle products. Its website is which is India’s largest online fashion store ranked as 7th
in top 10 e-commerce companies. Myntra is functioned as business to business
model in its starting years. But later on, in 2007, it allows its customers to
buy its personalized products online such as mugs, watches, teddy bears, wine
glasses and many more. Moreover, in 2011 it started concentrating on apparel
and lifestyle products by shifting from B2B (Business to Business) to B2C (Business
to Customer).

The company moved to app only business by the year
2015 where customers can buy the products online by sitting at any place and
have goods at his doorstep within 24hours. It provides free shipping within
India on all its products. The website of Myntra is designed in colorful mode. It
maintains its website by employing educated and experienced people. When we
open its website, it shows us special deals and discount rates. Moreover, there
are different sections for men, women, kids, home & living. When a customer
place an order, they get confirmation email from the company. People can track
their order online by putting their tracking order number. Myntra provides an
opportunity to its customers to return product within 30 days after purchase if
they don’t like it. has accomplished a
turnover of Rs. 500 crore in 2013-2014. As, it is fastest growing platform of
e-commerce, it has launched its own cloth line. Near about 600,000 people visit its
website in a day and it make 8000 transactions and buy 10,000-12,000 products per
day. The company has collaborated with more than 500 brands like- Nike, Puma,
Wrangler, Levi’s, wills lifestyle and many more.