My my family and I have something

top five strengths are Adaptability, Deliberative, Relator, Consistency and
Futuristic. When I first tried taking the strength finders quiz I was a bit
distracted at first but I stopped and restarted the test once I became more
focused. Upon reading the description on each of my top five, I was not
surprised at the result. Each strength describes my life and my personality

it relates to my leadership style my top five factor in perfectly. They all
work in relation to each other. Adaptability helps me to adapt to the changing
situations that occur daily, as well as customer and employees’ personalities,
Adaptability also allows me as a manager to take on situations as they happen,
it describes people who can think quickly on their feet. The Deliberative strength
helps me to be a great decision maker and to make good choices, it also helps
me to anticipate obstacles. I have a very strong work ethic and I am a
no-nonsense type of manager and this is a part of the deliberative strength. The
relator strength helps me to guide employees, coworkers, and friends in the right
direction when they come to me for advice. I enjoy helping people and giving
them direction when they ask. Consistency is definitely a key element in a
management position, this is one strength that leads me toward treating people
fairly and impartially and setting clear rules and ensuring they are followed. The
Futuristic strength helps me to think of my personal and career goals five, ten
and fifteen years down the road. I especially love the futuristic strength I
have because there is not one moment I am not thinking about the future and planning
ahead. I like to plan trips and vacations a year in advance so my family and I
have something to look forward to.

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become a better leader, I will need to work on being more empathetic toward people,
a leader and manager must know how to be empathetic in situations involving the
people around them, sometimes I have no idea how to comfort someone during a
loss and even during a difficult time, so this is something I need to work on as
a person. In order to be more empathetic towards people, I am reading and doing
research on this topic. Empathy is one of the most valuable traits one can
possess, it gives us the ability to understand one another and be better equipped
to respond to the situation at hand, it also helps to build better
relationships and be more respected by employees and coworkers. This trait
differs from my five strengths because this is a trait that I know I need to
work on in order to be a better, effective manager.

All of my strengths are ideal to be used in my current career as
well as when I am ready to change fields. They all tie into being career and
detail oriented. Adaptability helps me to take things one step at a
time. Relator is relationship building. Consistency is
about having balance in life and treating people the same. Futuristic is
the long-term goals that are set to ensure a greater future and Deliberative is
about being careful and vigilant.