My studio surrounding itself, is unmatched. Her

My first interaction with
Charul Mishra was 4years ago, when she joined our ‘Anadmaya Yoga School’ as a
student. She was battling with an auto-immune disease and yoga and meditation
practice really helped her in that difficult phase.


found Charul Mishra to be a very hard working, dedicated individual. Her
inquisitive nature in the studios has impressed me a lot. Her adeptness in the
practice of asana, her understanding of the depths of its rich tradition, the
boldness, creativity, humor, big-heartedness and insights she displays, on and
off the yoga mat, are truly remarkable and an inspiration for others.

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internship she has made some excellent presentations along with her anatomy
teacher at our yoga school. Because of her creative background she has been
part of organizing various workshops and events in schools and colleges. I
would like to state a particular event organized by our school for ‘Curbing
youth addictions through Yoga’ in a private school where she demonstrated
initiative and remarkable leadership qualities by single handedly addressing
50-80 high school students. This made me really proud and happy and we decided
to give her a full time job opportunity.


is one of the most genuine and dedicated yoga practitioners I’ve met in the 15
years of my experience.  Her great
respect for yoga, for the people that attended her classes and the actual yoga
studio surrounding itself, is unmatched. Her presence alone is peaceful but yet
disciplined. She has always been interested in the therapeutic benefits of yoga
and later did a yoga therapy course with our school where she deeply studied
anatomy and physiology and the science behind the various postures and their
benefits to our body internally.


with a deep conviction of the heart, I unconditionally recommend Ms. Charul Mishra
for a course in kinesiology at your University. I am quite sure that, she has a bright future and shall be a valuable
asset, to your Institution. An
opening to study further, and gather knowledge at a good Institution, shall surely help her further evolve
onto a worthy Professional. I
strongly recommend her candidature, as graduate student, at your Institution.