My a chance to visit Hungary yet.

My name is Farhan khan and I am from India. I am
interested to apply in bachelor’s degree programs in Hungary. My academic
background is arts at my high school, I am as of now completing my last year of
senior secondary school where I have invested a ton of energy and exertion
learning subject which mirror my inclinations and premiums, for example,
Geography, the English dialect, and subjects in the innovative field. My drive
has empowered my educators to enter me in different rivalries in these fields, where
I regularly wind up in prize winning spots. I am additionally extremely
inspired by cooperation, and in this manner take an interest in arranging
school occasions and supporting companies and colleagues. I feel these
exercises will be the manner by which I can have any kind of effect and pick up
the initiative abilities important to achieve my objectives. As of now I am
studying in government school where my parent they do not pay any big amount
for my school, I am really worried for my further studies because I belong such
a middle class family where I cannot demand for my university studies, my
family can’t afford my university fee, and I have really wish to continue to my
studies for secure my good future, and then I can do something for my family
and as well as I will contribute to social community. So there for I really
need this scholarship in order to continue my studies, if I get a chance to study
at university I will try do hard work to achieve my dream. In India if you are
studies in abroad that’s really big impact on your personality and to the
professional also. I have dependably been intrigued by the way of little and
history of Hungary; I have not had a chance to visit Hungary yet. The
Stipendium Hungaricum program would be a one of a kind opportunity to satisfy
this aspiration and experience life in Hungary and take in more about the way of
life through direct understanding and college courses.

I would respect the open door on the off chance that you
acknowledge me for the Stipendium Hungaricum program, since it will mean a
great deal for me and my future vocation prospects. Initially, it would be an
exceptionally proficient and fruitful technique to enhance my own abilities. I
have been learning English as my first remote dialect since the age of seven,
and I trust that this involvement with your university will enhance a
considerable measure my insight sine I will get an opportunity to speak with
understudies in comparative conditions. Additionally, I will love the chance to
improve my expert involvement with your offices, since your university has an
incredible notoriety in that field.   

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I am extremely eager to start my first school training
and focused on accomplishing scholastic magnificence in the college, I am certain
that bachelor’s degree program which  is
provided by Hungary will assistance me with satisfy me over both personal and
professional contexts.