My from SATHYA SAISchool getting first division

My name is
Mahesh Prasad Upadhyay. I currently live at Thali,Danchhi, Kathmandu.My
passport number is 10424655 and date of birth is 12 July 1997.I passed my 10th
class from SATHYA SAISchool getting
first division in the year 2015 AD and higher secondary school from UNIVERSAL COLLEGE in first division in
the end of 2017 AD. Now, I have completed International English Language
Testing System (IELTS) and scored 6 in overall ( L 6     R 5.5   
S 5.5   W 6)

From the very beginning,
I was interested in helping the sick and needy people and make them relief from
the pain.In doing so, I used to be pretty much happy from my inner heart.So
after going through lots of discussion with my friends, family and even
educational consultant, I started searching suitable college for my further
study and decided to apply for bachelor nursing course from ALACC in Melbourne.
As per my family adviseand my interestI have decided to build up my career in
this course which is directly related to my previous studies and I may do the
best in this field.

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Why Australia?

I found that
knowledge abroad has very high standard and career prospects in compared to my
country Nepal especially in nursing. International qualification opens the
career directions from my home country to abroad and in different multinational
organizations. Many people travel abroad to gain knowledge and ideas, many
students from different countries travel to study in order   to achieve knowledge, they share different
experiences with environment to work in different field. In Nepal the study
pattern is limited to bookish system and evaluation are made on written
examination in a contrast I believed and also based on my research Australian
education is research oriented.  So I
have also decided to go Australia to study nursing instead of in my home

The reasons for
choosing Australia for further study are many like Australian qualifications
are of high quality and have reputation around the world for being practical,
modern and desired by employers. Moreover, it has been globallyrecognized.
Similarly, the provision of this new simplified student visa framework there is
the assurance and security of the investment, fees protection system of the
students as college must ensure the quality education. In the same way, it also
provides the globally recognized quality education in more affordablefees and
safe environment for the student in comparison to other countries.The lecturers
are also qualified enough as they give full attention towards their students in
small sized class and encourages to be innovative, creative and confident. I
urge to get chance to experience a life and learning in the world one of the
most developed society.I also researched different countries for my study like
United Kingdom, Germany, USA etc found Australia to be the best because of its
fee structure, graduatesrecommendation, living room sized living standard,
cultural diversity, geographical environment and most important is safe




Nursing as my career?

is underdeveloped country. A major don’t have access to safe drinking water and
a good sanitation. The literacy rate in Nepal is very low it is obvious that
because of all these facts different diseases are prevalent in the country, and
there is lack of well-skilled health team facilities for the people where they
can seek health advices and treatment also in Nepal there are lot of private
hospitals and medical colleges. There is a shortage of skilled in various who
can deliver curative, preventive and primitive health indeed we also lack a
well trained nurse who can also take up the leadership role in various
organization and lack of well-skilled supervisors, staffs in big health
institute.  As my long term plan to be
one well educated skilled trained nurse and help in bringing about a change in
the health of our people , I want to be a successful nurse by handling all the
case and provide good safe birth deliver(SBA) by providing curative and
preventive health to the ailing people. I am also thrilled about the idea of
managing a big health institution and other organization to support them to
apart knowledge about health and its prevention in different ways. That’s why I
have chosen to pursue my higher education in Alacc Health College.

Why Melbourne?

As Melbourne is
found to be the main city which is providing lots of opportunities and
directions along with the modern facilities, it has been centered to most of
the people. So being huge mega city I can meet different nationalities and
people from various cultures and study with friends from diverse environments.
The locals are friendly, and the city’s multicultural vibe means we’ll
instantly feel at home here. Melbourne is
safe place where there are modern facilities
and opportunities as required for the better academic progress well as apart from my course of study.


Why ALACC Health College?

ALACC Health is located in Melbourne which
is one of the SSVF colleges in this new student visa policy. Moreover, my
research on this college from internet, friends and Educational consultant
assisted me to know better about the environment and staffs over here.

During my research, I went through
different colleges and universities, like Latrobe University, university of
Sunshine coast, MU, Federation University etc.  
But I finally choose ALACC Health College due to its graduates ranking,
fee structure, safe environment, suggestion from my family members, friends and
educationalconsultant. I am pretty sure much sure that bachelor at ALACC Health
college will help me to do best in my course so that after the completion of
study I can come back to my home country and serve the sick and needy people in
excellent way.


What after completion of Study?

As soon as I finish
my study, I will return back to my own country and join in a hospital. I will
start applying all the ideas and techniques that I have learnt and do my best
to serve and care to sick people. I will also share my knowledge and experience
to other staffs on serving them. There are number of hospital and organization
in Nepal in relation to Health sector even though the condition of Basic first
aid to Emergencies remains below the International Standard. In a ration 1
doctor must be able to cure 11000 patients and 1 nurse care is provided to 8000
patients which literally mean Nepal still needs a lot of improvement in this
sector. Not much but I surely can make a small contribution from my side. Last
but not least, I would like to assure that I have been faithful to what I did
till date and I will prove myself as a brilliant student with best academic
achievements thereby serving communities and people in whatever way I can
.After pursuing a degree in the field of nursing with full effort I will return
to my own country and do something good for the welfare of nation. Here are lot
of Hospitals such as Norvic, Grandy, Neuro, Alka etc hospitals, Nursing homes,
NGOS ,INGOS and schools as a registered nurse 
where I will get chance to work. I will be continuing learning in this
field. I am eager to learn new things, gain globally recognized skills, and
education in Australia and contribute towards my own country after my return in
my homeland.


Finally, I have a genuine intention to study
in Australia for selected course at ALACC HEALTH COLLEGE, I am fully aware
about the course benefits and future plan. I will abide the visa condition and
working limitation. so please go through the application carefully and issue me
an offer letter.



Mahesh Prasad Upadhyay

Passport Number: 10424655