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My fascination with the human body and my desrire to have a positive impact on peoples lives has fulled my desire to persue a career in physiotherapy, as a degree in physiotherapy incporterates science , sports and medicine which are all subjects I have great intrest in both studying and ferthering my knowwlage in. for me the flexability and variety of content coverd in the dregree  will open up a veriety of cereer paths. furthermore the hands on and practical nature of this proffesion aswell as the prosepect of having a positive impact on someones health and well-bieng particualy appeals to me Stemming from an ogigonal intrest in a career in profeshional sport I am currently studying a vocational qualification in sport . the depth and detail of the course coupled with its hands on approach gears you up for the workplace and I belive gives you more skills than an normal a-level would. I belive takeing a vocational course such as mine makes you a better and more employable person as a result of the constant expectation to meet deadlines and go away and improve and bett er the work you have done, I belive a vocational course will set me up for a carerer in physiotherapy because I am constantly trying to better myself and my grades through assighments and I have the hands on and exemplary people skills required to become a physiotherapist.I am exited by the prospect of learning new skills in some new topic areas. Although i already have a good understanding of genral anathomy and  body systems such as the cardio vasscualr and respritory systems and am driven by prospect of learning more about neurological rehabilitation and therapeutic skill. in the short 18 years i have been on this planet I have been lucky enough to travel across most of the worlds continents and interact with many cultures and extrodinary people. Three years ago I went on a trip to capetown in south Africa  where I played rugby againsed an extreamly high level of opponent but more importantly we took part in fundraising before we went so we could gain sponsorship from a big company wih the idea of giving something back to the people of a village in capetown. Eventualy we gained sponsoprship from sainsberrys and they sent us clothes and bags and accsessorys to give to the underprivileged children, as a group we went to a school in the town and I have never been so emotionaly rocked as when we first went into the school everyone looked sad and tired but instantly as we staryed giving out clothes and toys the children started hugging one anouther smileing laughing and singing I would like to recreate this emotion one day in all of my patients after I have hopefully made a postivie impact on there life.Sport is a significant part of my life and I have been lucky enough to play it at a elite level from the age of 13 to the current day. I was part of the liecester tigers academy from the ages of 13 too 16 and I am currently in the Doncaster knights academy who are a team in the championship pushing for promotion the premiership. I belive I have learned a lot of usefull skills in my time as a full time athlete I have learned to ballence my studdys and my rugby and achive highly in both I belive rugby has taught me to be humble and respect outher peoples belifes and ways of life but most importantly it has taught be how to make friends, love and become a better person and to always treat people how you wish to be treated.Anouther of my strong motivations for wanting to persue a career in physiotherapy is my grandmouther  she was a high level physiotherapist for many years in a practise in Birmingham she has helped me a lot with quite a few of my injrys thoighout my time in sport and I have seen and felt first hand the difference she can make to someones life weather that is just a quick massarge or the in depth knowllage she can give you so you can go away and heal yourself progressively, I am in awe of her and if I could become half the physiotherap