Music the day. I listen to it even


had been a part of people’s life from centuries ago. Music plays a very
important role in our life. It can be a source of entertainment as well as distraction.

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Music can also affect us in different ways. We can express our emotions in the
form of music. It helps us to enjoy and relax our free time. Listening to good
music can give us temporary relief from pain and problems we are going through
in life. In today’s world where everyone is busy in their own life music helps
us from feeling lonely and being alone. It helps us to connect with people and emotions.

It can be felt and understood by everyone.

My life without music would be totally empty.

Music makes me happy. Music helps me fill my mind with positive thoughts. I
have a habit of listening to music every morning. I feel like it helps me get
prepared for the day. I listen to it even during my exams. It helps me a lot to
concentrate on what I am studying. I have been listening to music throughout my
life so it also helps me bring back good memories. I was not so fond of music
when I was younger. I used to listen to whatever was being played. But as I
grew up and hit my teenage years, I felt like music was the only friend I had. After
I learned how to play piano, I became even more addicted to music. I used to
listen music while I was felt lonely, stressed, relaxed, happy or had major problems
in life. Music helps me get through things and acted like a medicine while I
was feeling down. My choice of music also depends on the mood I am in. I
strongly believe that music can change a person’s mood.    

 I don’t
think there is a better way I can express myself or my feelings other than
through music. It can describe my feelings better than I could ever do with words.

It has a huge place in my heart and I cannot imagine my life without music.