Mummies be preserved so they could use

Mummies (I need a better title)Did you know that mummies are only for the wealthy. Mummies also had all their organs removed. Do you want to learn how to mummify. Well if so this article has all that and more.The history/why Before anything else we must know why anyone was ever mummified. The first mummies were made on accident. The first mummies were just bodies buried in the sand that had been dried out. The ancient egyptians thought that there body had to be preserved so they could use it in the after life. They also thought that if they were buried with their valuables they would have them in the after life. They wanted to be buried by their friends and family so they would be with them in the after life. What it does     Mummification is hard to do but doesn’t do much. It just dries out the body. They wanted it to be dried out so the body could be preserved. The Paragraph before this says why.What you need There is a lot you will need for this. You of course need the body. But another important thing you will need is the tools (put in the specific tools). The rest of the things you will need are pretty weird or at least I think so.  Saw dust this is what you will fill the body cavities with and you will also spread it out over the body to help dry out the body. Jars are an important thing to have to. There prized possessions. Finally a sarcophagus witch is just a coffin but has there face on itHow toWarning if you get grossed out easy then you might not want to read this. The first step is to liquefy the brain. To do this you must insert a hook in the nose and drill out the brain then drain it out through the nose. Next cut the left side of the body near the stomach. Now you must remove all internal organs. Next let all the organs dry. Once that is done you must put the lungs, intestines,stomach, and liver in side jars.After that you will place the heart back in side the body. Then cover the body with salt, and let it sit for for 70 days. Once the 70 days is over than you wrap the body in linen. Now that you have a mummy you put it in a sarcophagus or a coffin. Once all this is done you bury it.We should mummifyIs mummifying people something we should do again . This paragraph will argue yes we should mummify .It could preserve the body so that in the future if someone needed to study your body it would be preserved. We should not mummify This paragraph will argue no we should not mummfy.It has no real purpose unless you really do believe in that religion.  It will also cost cost ( put price here ). It is very time consuming and let’s face it almost no one is  that pacient.Now that you have read my paper what will you do. Will you tell your classmates and make yourself look smart? Or will you go and mummify someone? I hope you don’t do that last one. Picture links/Resources