Moses 300 colonists were located from the south;

Moses Austin was born in Durham
Connecticut, on October 4, 1761. Moses struggled with repaying
debts and as a result, Moses created a plan so that he could settle a colony in
Texas. Like his personality he took an aggressive approach when handling things
calmer seemed best.

then traveled to San Antonio where on December 23, 1820 he met with Baron de
Bastrop. When he heard the excitement from Moses when he told of his plan, the
baron later endorsed the idea and sent it up to higher authority. Moses Austin
was later thrown into jail for not being be able to repay those debts and that
was somewhat of the Austin family demise. The Spanish issued permission for
Austin to bring and get 300 families into Texas.

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knew his time was running short and called over his wife, Stephen’s mother to
tell her that it his dyeing father’s last request to prosecute the enterprise
he had commenced. Moses didn’t live long enough to see out his goal as he died
in Missouri in 1821.

son, Stephen F. Austin went to San Antonio where Antonio Maria Martinez met
with him and recognized Stephen as his father’s successor. Austin had no
trouble finding willing colonists, as a result, most of the families were
settled into Texas by the end of the summer of 1824.

the assistance of Baron de Bastrop, the land commissioner, he and Austin issued
272 titles during the years of 1823 and 1824. The dynamic duo was cut short
when Bastrop had left and the job had been left uncompleted.

permitted grants to unmarried men in pairs or groups of 3. Moses Austin issued
22 of these said grants to 59 partners.

to the colonization decree the lands must be improved and occupied in the span
of 2 years. Many settlers could agree to that, but seven grants could not agree
and were renounced. The Colonists selected lands that were mainly alongside
rivers for the water and food resources they provided.

family was to be granted a certain amount of land for different occupations. A
farmer would receive a labor, 177 acres. A rancher would receive a sitio, 4,428
acres. Due to the major advantages, many of the colonists would say they were
stock raisers, even though they were considered planters.

of the 300 colonists were located from the south; the biggest number of the
colonists were from Louisiana, they were also from the states of Alabama,
Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri. Almost all of the colonists were of British
ancestry originally. A large number of the colonists had been in a migration
west with many of the families already having very notable means previously to their

wanted little confrontation with his colonists, so he decided to choose colonists
of “higher class”, as a result only 4 of the old 300 families were illiterate.
A sign of this is shown how many of the colonists were slave owners. In fact,
69 families in the colony owned slaves, that resulted in almost a quarter of
the colonies population was accounted as slaves.

Stephen carried out his father’s last
request and succeeded in bringing over 300 families to Texas, fulfilling the
vison and idea that his father once had. Stephen F. Austin made his father proud.