Mosambi But more than that, Mosambi juice comes

Mosambi Juice, whenever one thinks of this fruit, the instant image of fresh and tropical beach hits us. It is not only tasty but also very healthy for us. It benefits is ways which betters our lifestyle. It is a rich source of potassium and vitamin C. It has a cooling and medicinal effect on the person who consumes this. Unlike lemon, Mosambi juice is free from acidic flavour and is sweeter in taste.








Mosambi is also known as Sweet lime which is mostly found in South-East Asia. The plants of the fruit reach up to a height of 25 feet and bears round/ oval in shape and turns yellow on ripening. It is found in tropical and sub-tropical climates, producing fruits only after a span of 5-7 years leading to peak production at the age of 10-20 years. Its scientific name is Citrus Limetta. One can picture drinking mosambi juice sitting by the beach, enjoying the breaking waves and cool winds. Before we talk about the benefits of Mosambi Juice, let us see what are the uses of the fruit?

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·         It is used as a tropical drink to fight the heat

·         Used a hydrating drink to keep the body hydrated and fit

·         Used by athletes as an energy drink

·         Used in shampoos, body lotions and conditioner

·         Used in medicines

·         Used in chocolates to enhance the taste


Who doesn’t like Mosambi? It is a favourite of most of the people. It takes off the edge and makes the person feel happy and rejuvenated. Most of us have a childhood memory of sucking the mosambi fruit for its juice and enjoying the sweet taste with a bit of tangy taste in the end. But more than that, Mosambi juice comes in handy for health, skin and hair. It is a fruit rich in so many vitamins and ingredients that it is advised that everyone should drink the juice once a day. From treating jaundice to cleansing the skin, mosambi juice does it all. One can stop and marvel at the creation of such a fruit. There should be a saying which goes like “Mosambi a day keeps the doctor at bay”


So, what are the benefits and use of Mosambi Juice for Skin, Hair and Health?

1.       It helps in digestion

As the fruit carries high content of flavonoids which stimulates the digestive system by the rate of secretion of digestive juices, bile and acids, it is often recommended to people who are suffering from ailments like irregular bowel movements, indigestion and other gastrointestinal problems. The juice works to neutralize the acidic digestive juice and washes off the toxins from the excretory system. The peristaltic motions are aided by the compounds present in the fruit and also aids in diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea. 







2.       It is good for the eyes

The antioxidant properties stop the muscle of the eyes from degeneration and fights bacterial infections. It is used the most when conjunctivitis hits the person.

















3.       Relieves Constipation

Even though the juice is not as acidic as lemon but it still has acid contained in it which flushes out toxins from bowel tracts and provides dietary fibre that enables roughage to act as a purgative treatment in regards of constipation. Thus, as a home remedy it is advised to every individual who is suffering from constipation.











4.       It fights scurvy

Scurvy is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin C and is characterized by bleeding, swollen gum and frequent bouts of flu and cold. Ulcers pop up in mouth and tongue, lips become essentially dry and chapped. All of this can be treated by Mosambi Juice. One just has to mix the juice with a few drops of pure water, and then add a pinch of black salt. The mixture should be applied on the affected area. Halitosis or bad breath can also be solved by sipping on lime juice.










5.       Peptic Ulcers

Mosambi Juice has flavonoids like Limomin. It has properties like anti- carcinogenic, detoxifying, antioxidant and antibiotic properties that are effective in healing ulcers. (peptic/oral)












6.       Respiratory Problems

The anti-congestive properties clean and various respiratory problems which is why mosambi juice is used in balms, vaporizers, inhalers.














7.       Enhances the Immune system

It is said that regular intake of mosambi juice enhances the overall condition of heart functioning. It ensures blood circulation and leads to a healthier immune system. The presence of Vitamin C raises the standards of immunity system of the person and prevents cold.  













8.       Anti-Cancer Properties

Sweet Lime Juice even has limonoids which arrests the growth of different types of cancer. Limonoids are attached to sugar molecules called glucose which gets digested easily.









9.       Juice of Mosambi Juice also provides protection against rheumatoid arthritis

Since the fruit is filled with Vitamin C, it provides protection and prevention against any kinds of swelling and inflammation. It curbs the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.














10.   It accelerates the process of weight loss.

Scientific researches states that Mosambi Juice supports weight loss. If an individual drink a glass of lukewarm water with the hint of lime juice and honey which makes the body sheds extra pounds by reducing the cholesterol level and blood pressure.  
















11.   Lime Juice treats Urinary Disorders

The fruit has a high concentration of potassium that detoxifies organs like kidneys, bladder. It even cures infections that affects the respective organs.









12.   Gouts

Uric acid and free radicals are flushed out from the body with the help of Vitamin C and it even neutralizes the free radicals.












13.   It renders relief from motion sickness

The tangy flavours in tasty to the tongue and a cure to motion sickness. Drinking the juice once a day will get rid of heartburns and acidity. It comforts and soothes gastrointestinal tact and reduces abdominal














14.   Treatment of sunstroke and dehydration

Intake of Mosambi Juice makes sure that the person is hydrated and protected from the harsh rays of the sun as it is an essential source of vitamins and minerals. It lessens the risk of dehydration and muscle cramps and is given as a cure for people who are suffering a sun or a heat stroke. Mosambi Juice is great for athletes and is recommend to them.










15.   Treatment of Jaundice

Mosambi Juice comes in handy here too. It boosts the liver function which slows down in the case of jaundice. It is exceptionally effective and helpful.












16.   Benefits the Nervous System

If there is one that can help the nervous system then that is Mosambi Juice as it acts as a coolant. The nervous system is constantly working and needs rest which is provided by the concentrated juice of the fruit.




















17.   It is effectively beneficial for asthma

The properties of mosambi and its juice has such healing power that it lessens the painful effects of asthma. It provides instant relief to people who are suffering from it.






18.   Relief from Tonsillitis

It is a known fact that Vitamin C reduces the severity of cold and fever thus when one is suffering from Tonsillitis then they should go for mosambi juice. They will be cured in no time.



















19.   Antiseptic & Antibacterial Properties that enhances the quality of hair

The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of sweet lime tend to the poor condition of hair and skin. Its extract is used in shampoos and body lotions to protect hair and skin from antibacterial infections and dandruff.











20.   It imparts colour to the hair

The fruit has copper in it which imparts and strengthens the colour of the hair. It even makes it shine and lends an attractive shine. The hair will become shiny and turn heads of the onlookers.





21.   It strengthens the hair

The ingredients of the juice have enriched vitamins and medicinal effects that works to provide strength and vigour to the hair. It gives the hair the required nourishment and rejuvenation. It will stand the test of push and pull. Our hair generally become dry and weak due to many reasons but mosambi juice fights all of them and makes them durable.











22.   The vitamins present in the juice treats split ends & dandruff

The juice is so rich in its benefits that it has a versatile effect. It not only provides strength, nourishment but also acts as a treatment of split ends and dandruff. It renders the quality of damage control for the broken or split hair.












23.   When it comes to skin then mosambi juice is the go to solution as it a great cleansing agent.

It has mild bleaching and cleansing agent that helps in getting rid of problems like pigmentation, spots, acnes and blemishes. Then it goes on to provide a smooth and radiant skin.












24.   It takes away the sting and pain of insect bites.

The juice of Sweet Lime reduces the stings of insect bites and gives relief.















25.   The juice Detoxifies body

If mosambi juice is regularly consumed then it will aid in the process of body detoxification and imparting a natural glow. It rids the blood of toxins and pollutants and reduces the chance of skin diseases. 
















26.   Lightens Dark Lips & Softens Cracked Lips

In today’s time and age when there is a heightened consumption of smoking and tea, it is only natural that lips get dry and darker in colour. But this can be aided Mosambi Juice just by applying the juice 3 or 4 times a day which will also soften the cracked lips.








27.   Mosambi Juice is of great help when comes in terms of curing pimples.

The antioxidant and antibacterial properties of the fruits gets in action and breaks downs the growth of bacteria and other foreign agents that supplements the growth of acnes and pimples.












28.   Acts a sun tan remover

If the skin or any area the skin is tanned then the juice can be applied to remove the tan. It breaks down the discoloured area to bits and gives way to the growth of a new skin layer.









29.   Treats body odour and sweat

Taking a bath with mosambi juice fights body odour and sweat that might embarrass the person.










30.   Refreshes the skin

Mosambi juice takes off the strain from the skin by eradicating the pollutants and providing a renewed charm to it.





One can only imagine that if the juice is consumed daily then he will not require a doctor or any medical help at all. Our lives will be totally different if we lived right, ate right and do right. Most of the solutions lies in nature. If only we took out time and lived like our ancestors did. Although life expectancy was less back then, but they were sturdy and stronger than us. And that is because they ate food without preservatives or any kind of adulterations, had fresh air to breathe in and a salubrious environment.

These were 30 top Benefits & Uses of Mosambi Juice for Skin, Hair & Health. We hope that it helped you. Make sure that before you apply the juice on your skin, you are not allergic or sensitive to it. If you are then we advise that you stay away from it as it can sting your skin. Other than that, all of the benefits are good to be applied at home. Take special care while indulging with children. They can be sensitive to the sting and the tangy taste of the fruit.


What are the side effects of Mosambi/Mosambi Juice?

·         the fruit or the juice can sometimes in extreme cases cause acidity

·         it can also cause the decay of enamel of the tooth

·         problems during pregnancy thus affecting the foetus

·         can cure and cause peptic ulcers

·         It can even cause a disorder called Hemochromatosis which disables the body from absorbing iron.

·         Sulphite Disorders- So people who are sensitive to sulphite compounds to stay away from too much of mosambi juice

·         Might affect the kidney

Thank you for reading the article. We hope that it helped you.