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the incredible natural wealth inside brown bread, its identification, enriched
nutritional content and tremendous health benefits.

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In the contemporary era
it is a common practice to eat a few slices of bread instead of a fully-fledged
breakfast to win an escape from the hustle of this busy life. Indeed, no one
have enough time especially early in the morning, agree? But the alarming
factor is the fact that a number of white breads are made up of processed and
refined wheat that is least beneficial for your body. White bread is
significantly responsible to contribute towards obesity as well because it is
one of the leading weight gain food. Alas! the nutritional aspects of white
bread are also pathetic where a normal human body requires additional number of
enzymes, vitamins and minerals only in order to digest it. Here is how to
select your bread? and why to select it?


Do not rely solely on the brown color; it can be
deceptive. Many brown breads available in the market are cloaked breads with nothing
beneficial inside them, made up of the similar ingredients as white breads with
a darker colorization. Hence it is not a dependable identity for your bread.
Instead you need to put your focus on the word “wholegrain”. Wholegrain or
wholewheat element is a reliable one because such breads enjoy an edge over
processed grain breads in terms of nutrition. Breads without the wholegrain
label waste crucial portions of plant injuring the nutritional content harshly.
Make sure the bread you are going to purchase contains “wholegrain wheat” or
“100% whole wheat” label explicitly on the packaging. You can see Stern’s whole
wheat bread packaging aside:


H E A L T H   A N D   N U T R I T I O N

Wholegrain bread is a rich source of fiber
which controls and improves your bowel movements by condensation and liquidation,
creating an ease to pass through the digestive track. Fiber also acts as a
shield to prevent numerous bowel syndromes.

Dieticians and Nutritionists prefer
fiber intake with food over laxative medicines. But you should add wholegrain
bread to your diet slowly and gradually because instant excess of fiber cause
bloating and gas in the intestines.

Whole wheat brown bread contains most
of the B vitamins like riboflavin, thiamine and niacin that are helpful to gain
energy from food. Other important components of bran bread are folate,
pantothenic acid, vitamin E and vitamin K. The
medical centre of University of Maryland has suggested that B vitamins and vitamin E may guard against mental decline diseases like


P R E V E N T S   H E A R T  


In a
validated medical survey, the results indicate that wholegrain bread diminishes
the riskiness of coronary heart disease over a period of 14 years.  A recent issue of   “The
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” highlighted that men who included
three servings of whole grains, on average, in their daily diet had a lower
risk of coronary heart disease. Another US based institute, The U.S. Department
of Agriculture suggests that at least half of your daily intake of grains
should be whole grains. On gender based classification, a normal healthy adult
woman with age ranging from 19 to 50, as the USDA recommends, needs 6 ounces of
grain daily where one slice of bread equals 1 ounce. Contrarily, men should get
7 to 8 ounces per day.

W   P R O B A B I L I T Y   O F   W
E I G H T   G A I N  


wholegrain bread helps you to manage and control your weight in an adequate
fashion. A study published by “The
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” statistically pointed out that women
who used to eat  more whole grains
consistently weighed less than the women who used to eat fewer whole grains.
The major highlighted factor is that the women, who used to eat whole grain
foods, had a 49 percent lower risk of weight gain than women who used to eat
refined grain products, such as white bread.




A B U N D A N T   A V A I
L A B L E   V A R I E T Y

the modern spheres of this age, it seems quite fashionable to take such food
that is not only delicious but looks well presentable too. Many products are
used just for garnishing of food to make it more appealing aesthetically. In
case of bran bread, it is not a big deal to make it part of your diet in many
forms and versions. It is good news for sandwich lovers, for cheese lovers and
equally for toast lovers. Yes this is true! You can make sandwiches at your
lunch time from bran bread, you can toast it for your breakfast and you can use
it with a low-fat cottage cheese spread as a snack food. If you like to keep it
simple, choice is yours. It does not taste bad even without any sort of
preparation. Another aspect is that you can take it anytime throughout the day,
no time bounds! For detailed statistical precision measurements of calories in  whole wheat bread, visit