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Mentioned earlier Japan has established the Self Defense forces in 1954 which is controlled by the Ministry of Defense. The Japanese self-defense forces are mainly used for peacekeeping operations, in recent UN peacekeeping and maintenance of national security. The Japanese military is well liked in society where it is currently ranked 7th in military strength in the world. ( Tariffs, Quotas, Embargos    Luckily the average tariff rate in japan is among the lowest in the world. This gives international exporters an advantage when entering into this new market.  Here are some examples of tariffs on the main industries: Agriculture products – 12.9% Non-agriculture — 2.5%  Non-electrical machinery — 0.0% Electrical machinery — 0.1% Transport equipment — 0.0% Manufactures — 1.2% Clothing — 9.0% Chemicals – 2.2% Found from: (    Japan may have relatively low tariffs, but it does have some trade quotas which may prevent some international business from entering into some areas of the market. There are many standards unique to Japan, such as greatly respecting authority along with dressing very formal. Also, in some sectors of business such as agriculture it is expected that business have prior experience in Japan. Moreover, regulations have been passed that favor domestic products and go against foreign products. Lastly in the Japanese culture personal relationships are held strong with business and there is a reluctance in society to change business relationships. Current Issues: Population Falling    For the first time since 1988 fewer than one million babies have been born in Japan. The Japanese market is slowly deceasing and social security in Japan predicts the population to decrease by 40 million by 2065. In a country where the almost 50% is above 60 it makes it hard for new business to thrive. Also a trend that is set to continue of deaths out numbering births also points to a decreasing population. Therefore, this is bad for business whose target demographic is the younger generations.