Members or more stringent conditions” (Kuhn, 1970, p.23).

Members of the nursing profession are obliged to examine the
bases for their practice and the potential of these bases for accomplishing
nursing’s and society’s goals.

Future development of nursing theories remains to focus on improved
patient outcome and patient satisfaction.

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Nurses will continue to gain knowledge and skills within his
or her area of specialty.

Future research will target middle range theory.  These theories, “have more limited scope,
less abstraction, address specific phenomena or concepts, and reflect
practice.”  (Meleis, 2012. p.33) 

It is important to continue to develop nursing and grow in
knowledge. Middle range theories have become most popular in the 21st century
(Smith & Liehr, 2008).

There are a number of responsibilities and obligations that come
with the elements of theories because the nursing professions main concern is
furthering the health for its population (Alligood, 2014).

All models for nursing are opened ended and provide a
framework for “further articulation and speculation under new or more stringent
conditions” (Kuhn, 1970, p.23).

Benefits of theories in nursing include better patient care
and enhanced professional status for nurses. Nursing theories have also improved
communication between nurses and have given guidance for research and education.

When it comes to relationship between theory and nursing
care there are many interpretations in terms of the role each element plays in
the health care environment.

Nursing knowledge was extremely limited in the early part of
nursing’s history. It was not till the 1950s when nursing knowledge exploded (Alligood,
2014). This created the need to thoroughly organize the tremendous volume of
new information being generated. Starting from the beginning of nursing
education, there was a need to categorize knowledge and to analyze client care.

The development of nursing theory is necessary because it
helps to distinguish what should form the basis of practice by clearly
describing nursing.