Medicine often embrace Eastern methods or processes. The

Medicine taught in the United States does not often embrace Eastern methods or processes. The herbs, tinctures, extracts and poultices produced by practitioners in these countries do not often become part of the Western methods. However, even the top hospitals in the country started embracing considered alternative medicine. Through broadening the array of what is available, doctors, physicians and hospital staff are able to assist with a greater foundation. Aligning with more processes and increasing knowledge about these options, less focus is on the pill or injectable. Herbs and Alternative MedicineThe Chinese, Japanese and European nations have all had herbs in medicine for hundreds of years. The ability to mix these natural methods with scientific processes increases potency and possible cures. Research into herbal medicine has proven that the roots, stems, flowers and other parts of certain plants do help in medicine. For some, the art of healing is not part of science. Ancient remedies involve a number of methods that extract healing properties from these flowers and plants. Additional processes such as acupuncture also provide an opportunity to release pain and alter physiology significantly. It is important to increase knowledge in the medical field through other countries and cultures.Combining Western and Eastern MethodsThe novel idea of combining methods from the eastern countries with western medicine is not often accomplished by hospitals and doctors. Most are content to proceed with pills, liquids and substances prescribed as usual. However, sometimes there are better ways to accomplish the same thing. With herbs and certain drugs, a patient may leave the healthcare facility faster. Others may receive treatment for specific conditions that previously would require invasive techniques. Alternative procedures may increase the health of a person without side-effects. Grinding up natural pain relievers through roots provides the opportunity of reducing and removing pain and inflammation without harming the patient in other ways.Negative Effects of Western MedicationMedicine produced in the 21st century often comes with a wide variety of side-effects. Some of these are harmful enough to cause death. Many recalls occur due to certain patients suffering from the drugs. Combined with substances and different drugs, significant consequences arise. These may include cancer, death, suicidal thoughts and internal injuries. Lawsuits and damages occur and are owed through these drugs. Interactions with western medication have led to increasing dependency and additional medical conditions. A critical drug problem transpires with citizens in the United States involving opioids such as pain medication. The issue has spread to the point that big pharmaceutical companies give out a pill for almost any illness.Accepting Eastern MethodsWhile most doctors and hospitals in the United States do not accept or even think to use eastern medical methods, some have embraced practiced and researched alternatives to drugs. The concept of diagnosing and pills or surgery is not what these facilities believe in. Broadening knowledge and understanding in the medical field, these hospitals started using other processes. These may include herbs, tinctures and acupuncture. The most frequent acceptance occurs through combining methods together to produce greater results. Many healthcare facilities that embrace this concept are children’s hospitals where unconventional therapies and treatments exist. With a foundation built on both eastern and western medicine, it is possible to create a new hybrid form of healthcare.Combining and Education in MedicineWith the slow embrace of eastern methods of treatment, drugs or herbs, it is possible that United States hospitals may be next. Progressing into the future is possible through combining both efforts in medicine. The medical field needs to revamp old and outdated procedures. Education in how to use herbs and other alternatives is crucial. Some healthcare facilities started integrating massage and services to improve overall health based on the condition. Blending traditional care with these alternatives have increased awareness that the western methods are not the only way to treat patients.Progressing into a blended and combined future is possible through research and awareness of these methods. Complementary and Alternative Medicine or CAM is embraced in over 30 hospitals and clinics around the country. By increasing the efforts to accept and embrace these methods, the potential to expand this number may grow exponentially. The number of jobs in the medical field may increase based on additional research into these processes so that patients are treated accordingly. Some treatment may include yoga, healthier eating and relieving toxins through massage. It is critical for better health of the country to embrace the methods that help the most. This is possible when medical experts are not afraid to include eastern medicine.