Margaret hours of classroom instruction and fourteen hours

Margaret Woobay                                                             Professor Matlock   English 1301 24 october 2017                                                        Getting And Obtaining a Driver’s licenseThere are several steps of obtaining a driver’s  license in some stages of our life getting a driver license is one of the biggest challenges we have to go through in our teen as a young adult. There are several steps you have to go through while you  to get your driving license one of the steps are  young adult wait till they are eighteen to get their driver’s license  or you can take your driver license when you are sixteen but they’re a lot of processes you have to go through when getting your license at a young age like sixteen or seventeen.             Being sixteen to seventeen getting your license is the one of the most exciting thing but a most scaring thing for young teen and for their parent that they had to go through emotionally and financially because they spent a lot of money to get their child to get their license.  The first step you go through to get started on your driving lesson you have registered for driving education course these courses are mostly taking in any DPS location.  Registration for the cost of driving school to obtain a licensed cost in total cost about four hundred and twenty-five dollars which is very expensive for our parent to afford. And how  The cost includes a completion of thirty-two hours of classroom instruction and fourteen hours in the car.  But all this process is divided into two section one of the segment is learning basic is learning the driving like the sign and the meaning and the rules that need to follow while driving and the instructors will give a lesson how to park a car and how to hold and control the wheels of a car.   After completion of this, it will lead you to get your driving permit. After getting the driver permit then you can start the other segment which is observing in-car driving being a car with one of the instructors in a car while driving around for an hour. You get to drive around for 1 hour until get to complete 14 hours of drive time. The most exciting part after you go through all this process then you are prepared to go get your driving license and if pass the driving test then you are all set.        For young adult getting a driving lanced is much easier. Because they are older and have more intelligence than sixteen and seventeen years so it not as complicated for them. To get your driving license as an adult can do a 6 hours course online on driving  Ed or can in classroom six hours course go over the basic. This set you up with knowledge and foundation of and driving behind the wheels. For Online have to go through the basic and look at video which is provide in each section and after that have to take a quiz about what you have learned while watching the video have to the perfect score you can have for it to allow you to to the next section it an 80 or above which is a passing grade for every segments. After completion of all those videos than at the end of the video, you get to take your driving exam to able to obtaining your driving completion.  This will prove that you have successfully completed the course And once you finished that you be ready for your behind the wheels training must completion certificate.  The next step is getting your behind of the wheels instruction and must complete a specific hour the instructor specified to you.  Getting plenty of practice getting a lot of practice will improve your driving skills and getting to get you licensed fast. And most young adults have their parent or must supervise while driving with their permit for their safety they cannot drive without no adult survivor or with a child in a car. That why in other to obtain a driving license have to go through a lot of processes so everyone could be safe don’t risk your life and other while driving.           In our teen and young adult life being able to drive give us a lot of excitement and joy it likable to have our own freedom and can go everywhere we want and able to explore differently. Being able how to drive I like obtaining access to go everywhere like at job place and have a lot of job opportunities you will be able to go there. And having a driver licensed is like having you’re like you know you have accomplished something new your life and be able to move as fast as you want.       One of the most important teens and young adult get the driving license is for their safety taking  a public transportation can be risky and unsafe for them especially at night so having a driving license help you stay away from risky places and people at night. Nd able to prove your identification it easier for you because can use this everywhere it good and easier to prove your identity being able to drive to drive before going to college or out of town university make life easier for you and more convenient it can make college year easier and fun.         For me the process I think getting a driving license at a young age is the best because you have some many things you want to do and not be able to bother your parent to take you places that you want . driving license  is one of the most important things to accomplish in life.         One way i elaborate my essay and personalized is read every single sentence i write and make sure it the fact and is told from my perspective  my opinion and belief. And by making it more interesting for people to be able to understand it and read it.  And get other people to read it and see their own point of view