Many clear well-structured message, the best communication

Many of the communication skills
occur naturally in some people, and some may need to learn and practice
them.  Before taking the test, I believed
that I was a direct communicator. As when it comes to communication, I am
straightforward, efficient and honest. My friends and family usually count on
me for transparent advice. However, after taking the test, I scored 51 points
which stated that I am capable communicator but experience some communication
issues. Also, it emphasized that I need to take my time to focus on receiving
messages as well as the time to think about the approach to communication. I
wasn’t very shocked with the results as I sometimes felt that when I am
communicating with someone, they sometimes look like they are trying to
understand what my main points are or get confused. Therefore, I was advised to
first, plan my message before communicating. Moreover, to use the KISS
principle “Keep It Simple and Straightforward” and not to waste time to the
reader or listener by convening unnecessary information.


I believed that I was clear in my
communications, but it turns out that I need to communicate using a
well-structured and clear message. I should acknowledge what I want to say,
anticipate the other person’s reaction to my message and use the language that
would allow the other person to understand what I am trying to tell whether it
is words or body language.

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Another way to improve my communication
skills is to select the right channel.

I prefer talking face to face or
through the telephone. However, it is not always the right way to communicate.
Therefore, there are some ways to improve this skill.

Along with creating a clear
well-structured message, the best communication channel must be chosen to send
it. I should consider the content of the message and measure it by sensitivity
and emotional of the material, the receiver’s preference, time constraints,
communicate in detail and the need to ask and answer questions. Based on all
that, the best way of communication is determined.


Decoding is also an essential
element to improve effective communication skill as receiving and interpreting
a message is very important. This means to sit back and let the other
individual speak and listen actively. To do so, the speaker should be given undivided
attention. I consider myself a good listener, I give the other person their
time to think critically and respond accordingly.


Finally, getting feedback from the
other individual is also very important as without it I will not be sure if the
other person understood the message or not. I like to get feedback from all my
messages whether they were verbal or written.






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