MANET for a specific purpose for particular

MANET (Mobile Ad hoc Network) is very complex
and complicated distributed network system, in this network system all the
nodes are independent, self-organized and temporary. MANET is formed for a
specific purpose for particular occasion and this network is for that occasion
only. For this case alone and after completion of task that network ends. Number of mobile nodes establish a network willingly and spontaneously
without any kind of prior infrastructure and organization (some authority which
administrate network). In MANET, mobile nodes communicate directly with each
other in a communication range. And if these mobile nodes want to communicate
outside that communication range they used multi hop routing techniques by
intermediate nodes. MANET
provides flawlessly internetwork in a small area with no pre-existed BS (base
station) of any communication equipment. MANET is not a new technology or
concept, but now it has more value than ever because now PC concept is old
means one personal computer for one person, now each person has more computing
devices like Smart phones, Tabs, Smart watches and laptop etc. and now sharing
of data among these devices without using any infrastructure is required. There
are some technologies available like WiFi Hotspot or Bluetooth etc. but there
are still some limitations in MANET. In MANET system, MS (mobile station)
should work as BS. Mobile station should broadcast and boost signals where
signals are week with energy efficiency. These recent technologies have
revolutionized new network concept and now researcher thinks that a MS should
act as an antenna and base station as well. Like a Mobile phone can carry
communication network with it outside of the cell, this concept is also in the
wish list of 5G. And in this review paper, we want to review the achievements
in the field of MANET and the area where should more research be done and also
review the limitations and security risk. And we also review some existing applications, design, capabilities and
characteristics of MANET in this paper. And at the end part of this paper we
suggest some new dimensions in this fields that can be achieved.