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Make airline travel less lousy with these 10 tips

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From navigating the crowded terminal
to making it through airport security to finally get to your seat next to a
loud group or sandwiched between two people, flying these days can be a real
hassle. Check these 10 tips to make the most of your flying experience and ease
some of the stress of travel.


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1.     Pack early and
weigh your bags at home

Packing in a rush is great way to
leave something important behind or to miss your flight altogether. That’s why
this is one of the most important things to do before a flight. So give
yourself a few days to find what you need so you can avoid
overweight luggage and the huge fees that it comes with. To do this you
can use portable
luggage weighing devices or maybe give the old bathroom scale a try.


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2.     Attach a tracker to
always know where your bag is

We all know the age old practice of
tying something, bright, easily recognizable or downright strange to your
luggage to easily identify it. While this is still a good practice for spotting
your bag it doesn’t account for helping to find your bag if it stolen or
misplaced. So how do I keep track of my luggage you
ask? With a gps
capable digital tracker you can easily keep track
of your bag wherever it goes, all from your phone or tablet.


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3.     Get some exercise
before your flight

Flying can be a stressful
experience, the crowds, the airport checkpoints, cancellations, lost luggage
etc. This can all lead to having a stressful experience and even panic attacks.
To stave off some of the stress, get some exercise like running, weightlifting,
yoga or other aerobic exercises. The endorphins released by the exercise will
put you in a better mood and a calmer state. Exercising is also a great pre-flight ritual useful if you want to sleep through
it and wake up rested at your destination.


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4.     Be as comfortable
as possible.

One of the most important things to do before your flight is to choose a
comfortable outfit. With the current state of air travel things can change so
quickly that those heels or those wingtips might end up being a bad choice. If
your flight gets cancelled or you get bumped or your layover gets extended
you’ll want to be wearing something that will keep you at optimal temperature
that’s comfortable to sleep in and walk around in.


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5.     Stay hydrated
before, during and after your flight

Airplane air can be dry because it
is recycled and at that altitude the changing air pressure can play havoc with
the body. That’s why another great pre-flight ritual to
work into your routine is to drink a lot of water. You should also continue to
hydrate during and after the flight.



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6.     Check in early

 Admittedly this one isn’t so much a travel hack as is just one of the most important things to do before your flight. Get to the airport
well ahead of time and check in early, this allows you to avoid the crowds and
to avoid getting bumped or missing your flight. Print your ticket beforehand or
have all the information ready to go on your phone.  You’ll get through security in no time and be
on your way.


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7.     For a scream free
flight, Avoid the first few rows of seating

Question, ”what’s the worst seat on a plane? Answer, ” the one near a
crying baby.” While that might sound like the joke a 90’s comedian might tell,
it’s the answer that most people would give. Airlines tend to seat large groups
like families and frat boys in these rows so avoid at all costs.


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8.     For the smoothest
ride sit on the axis of the plane

This is another little known travel hack for finding the best seat on the plane.
This time instead of avoiding crying babies and fighting cousins this is an airplane
hack for those of you of you who want to reduce the bumpiness of your flight. Try
to get a seat by the wings of the plane which is the most stable point.



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9.     Charge your devices
while you watch tv.

This is another great airport hack
to try after you’ve found the best seat on a plane,
avoided some of the worst seats on a plane and
landed safely at your destination. After a few hours in the air your devices
might be in the red zone if not completely dead and finding a power outlet much
less an usb charging station might be tricky depending on which airport you’re
in. Thankfully modern televisions and monitors come with built in usb ports
that will charge your device when plugged in. So sit back and enjoy what’s on
while you charge up and wait for your next flight.


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Wear your extra luggage

If you’re coming back from vacation
or a shopping trip you probably want to avoid overweight
luggage fees. A great way to do that is to layer up and wear your extra
clothes through baggage check. You can remove them once you’re on the plane and
if you brought a pillowcase with you, you can stuff the clothes in it and make
a comfortable pillow for your flight