Maharani Jind Kaur was a rebellious queen

    Maharani Jind Kaur was a rebellious queen and a great leader of Punjab. She took great care of the Sikh empire after the death of her husband Maharaja Ranjit Singh. She kept the Sikh Empire under control after the death of the lion of Punjab. She also kept Punjab together after the death of their leader by becoming Punjab’s new leader. Even after becoming the leader sometimes she could not not keep Punjab under her maintenance. She became the successor of Ranjit Singh and was a good leader of Punjab.     She kept good care of the Sikh empire after Ranjit Singh’s golden years. She was the ruler of Punjab for 3 years from 1843 to 1846. The Sikh army wanted a increase in their pay therefore the maharani increased their pay. There was also a conflict between the Sikh factions. This conflict was clarified with the help of the maharani. The chiefs wanted a tax reduction which Jind Kaur agreed to therefore she reduced the tax. Maharani Jind Kaur made her son Dileep Singh the leader at the age of 5. Dileep’s brother Pashaura Singh wanted to become the maharaja. To make Dileep and the Sikh empire stronger she engaged her son to the daughter of the governor of Hazara, Chatar Singh Atarivala. She just didn’t keep the Sikh empire under control, she kept Punjab under control.     Maharani Jind Kaur kept Punjab under her control. After the death of Ranjit Singh, Punjab was very unbalanced therefore it needed a leader. That’s when Jind Kaur takes the responsibility of being the Maharani. She was faced with many problems however she resolved a lot of the problems showing that she can be a trusted leader. The tax was very high in Punjab therefore she lowered it. She was like her husband, she always listened to the people of Punjab. She was a good leader however the british stopped her.     After a while of being the maharani of Punjab the British started to fear her. They started to fear the thought of her training her son to become a good leader. The British exiled her and put her in jail. The British also took Dileep Singh to England and he was not allowed to meet his mother for 13 years. The maharani was very weak and blind when she met her son. She als signed a treaty which gave her a pension of $150,000 however she gave the Punjab government to the East India Company. The Council of Regency replaced Maharani Jind Kaur. The British ended the reign of Jind Kaur.     In conclusion Maharani Jind Kaur kept maintenance over the Sikh empire and Punjab.However the British feared her and exiled her. She was the successor of her husband, Ranjit Singh. She solved many conflicts in the Sikh empire however could not train her son to be a good leader because of the British. Jind Kaur was the rebellious leader Punjab needed after the death of Ranjit Singh. Today we remember her as the Maharani of Punjab or the Messalina of Punjab