Louisa Germantown, Philadelphia. Her siblings were Abigail

Louisa May Alcott she was born on November 29, 1832. She was born in Germantown, Philadelphia. Her siblings were Abigail May Alcott Nieriker, Anna Alcott Pratt, Elizabeth Sewall Alcott, and Fedrick Llewellyn Hovey Willis. Her parents names were Amos Bronson Alcott  whitch was her father, and her mother was Abby May Alcott. She died March 6, 1888 in Boston, MA. Then she got buried at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery In Concord MA. She started as a nurse but  she failed and she thought of doing something new. She started  to write lots of plays and many people enjoyed them. She wrote poems and stories her stories got sent to Atlantic Monthly. Her first book came out called Mood’s. Then she made a book called little woman. She talked about women’s suffrage and to have all rights to vote. She made books almost every year. She had a high following of people who loved her books even for young adults cause she made some books for everyone so it would be enjoyable to read. She had a job to show parts of  Europe for travelers. She also  talked about the danger of Alcoholism.Why should Alcott be remembered? She should be remembered because all the amazing books she wrote. How she standed up for women’s rights and making all women’s rights have a meaning. She was very brave at speaking and telling how she felt about things and she was amazing at writing. The plays she made people loved and enjoyed that also makes her a good person and thats why she should be remembered. Then  later on Alcott passed away, she died from a stroke. She was only 55 at the time and She died in Boston, MA on March 6, 1888. She was amazing at doing many things she was loved she had amazing sisters brothers and her father helped her alot with her life too. Everyone loved this amazing woman for what she did to make everyone happy. Lots of people showed love to her amazing projects she’s done in life. Still to this day people read stories from her.