LilithName the second account of creation, God created

LilithName Instructor Course Date LilithIntroductionBiblical creation of human being is based on the book of Genesis, divided into two accounts.The first account states that man and woman were created at the same time from the soil before being given a stay at the Garden of Eden by their creator, God.On the second account of creation, God created a man and named him Adam. After some time, God saw that man was lonely and bored and that he needed a companion. He laid him to a deep sleep, drew a rib from him which he used to create him a female companion, Eve.But according to the Jewish With on creation, the accounts are somehow expounded, with the introduction of a new character, Lilith.According to the myth, the first wife of Adam was Lilith and not Eve as written in the Bible.The myth states that God created Adam and Lilith at the same time as indicated in the first Biblical creation account but later ‘divorced’ her for disobedience. Lilith is termed as a demoness.God then created Eve later, as it is in the second creation account. Existence of LilithAccording to Ira Chernus, myths are stories that resonate with people within a civilization and form the framework of their thinking. The stories may be secular or religious, but the mix of fact and fiction within the narrative is compelling, the way that all good fictio is compelling. That is what is evident in the Jewish community which believes that Adam had a first wife before Eve, whom they refer her as the queen devil despite the written Biblical story of creation.The Bible in the book of Genesis explains that there are two accounts of creation which Christians adopt them in a way of attesting the origin of the man.According to the first account, God used mud to create both man and woman before he put life into them. He then placed them in the Garden of Eden. On the second account of creation, God created a man, Adam and after noticing he was lonely in the Garden, God decided to give him a companion. He led Adam to a deep sleep before he drew a rib from him and made a woman from it, Eve.But according to the Jewish myth, Adam had two wives; the first being Lilith, and the second Eve.What might have contributed to the myth could be the child deaths and women sufferings, which they attribute them to Lilith.According to them, the first wife of Adam was Lilith. She was created from dust as Adam then given to him by God as a companion after he realized that the man he had created needed a helper.The two stayed together unhappily since they were wrestling for power. Adam was claiming to be one above Lilith, while she continuously insisted that they were equal since both were created from the dust.It reached a point where she couldn’t hold to that anymore.  She invoked the power in the inexpressible name of the Godhead and flew away. It is after that when Adam cried to his maker, reporting that his wife, Lilith had abandoned her and he was rotting in pools of loneliness and wanted her back. On hearing Adam’s cry, God sent an ultimatum to her through His Angels to urge her to come back to her husband, Adam. He stated to her that she had an opportunity to go back, but only if she accepts to be under Adam.They found her at the Red sea where they threatened to drown her if she resists.  On pleading with the Angels she requested to remain ‘free’ and to let her go to her kingdom beneath the Red Sea. They too threatened to be killing hundreds of her children if she doesn’t go back to Adam. She is believed to get the hundreds of children by having sex with the devil, or even sometimes with Adam as his succubus. She gave birth to hundred demon children in one day, the one hundred children threatened with death by the three angels. In this way, Lilith was and is held responsible for populating the world with evil.She preferred the death of her children than going back to Adam. God decided to look for another being to replace Lilith.As written in the second account of creation in the book of Genesis, God saw that Adam was too lonely and He decided to make him happy. He made him sleep before drawing a rib from his ribcage. Past and present activities associated with LilithLilith is believed to be the reason for Adam and Eve to disobey their creator, God. As it is in the Bible, Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit from one of the trees in the Garden of Eden.As it is stated in Genesis, Eve was lured by Satan in form of a serpent to pick and eat the forbidden fruit as they had been warned that if they ate the fruits from the tree of knowledge, they would die.The devil came and told Eve that God wanted to hide knowledge from them by denying them the fruits of that tree.”You will not die; for God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, a knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3: 4-5.From that, the Jews say it is Lilith, disguised as a snake mermaid who misguided Eve out of jealousy. Lilith is said to manipulate men sexually through dreams in order to harvest sperms to give birth to more demons. That is she is sometimes referred as a sexual temptress who is out there to tempt men and ruin marriages especially to punish women. Even in the Jewish culture, it is a crime to sleep alone as a man because you will be attacked by the demon, Lilith for sex. “It is forbidden to sleep in a house alone, and whoever sleeps in a house alone, Lilith seizes him,” The myth states.After she was told by the angels that hundred of her children will be dying daily, she promised to revenge by killing infant boys and girls; Boys below eight days and girls below 20 days of age.She is mostly associated with deaths and maternal problems for mothers when giving birth.Through her couplings with the devil (or with Adam, as his succubus), Lilith gave birth to one hundred demonic children a day (the one hundred children threatened with death by the three angels). In this way, Lilith was held responsible for populating the world with evil.ConclusionAs seen above, Lilith is highly tempting. She is associated with marriage breakages highly facilitated by cheating men. Since her main agenda is to revenge against women, she is always up to break the hearts of women by killing their newborns and tempting their men to become unfaithful. That is why the Jews mainly believe that she is the cause of the many deaths of infants and mothers during and after birth.Also, she is the mother of millions of demons in the world through men. Some scholars refer her as the Queen of the Devil or in other words, the wife of Satan.ReferencesHurwitz, Siegmund. Lilith the First Eve: Historical and Psychological Aspects of the Dark Feminine. 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