LETTER positive attitude towards academics.Varsha has been inquisitive

LETTER OF RECOMMENDATIONI am extremely delighted to recommend my student Ms Varsha Prakash who aspires to pursue her master’s program at your esteemed University. I have known Varsha in my capacity as her Professor and the Head of the Biotechnology department from the past 4 years during which, I taught her Cell Biology, Genetic Engineering and Bioethics & Biosafety. Through my observation, I would like to say that she is a cheerful and dedicated student, and possess a positive attitude towards academics.Varsha has been inquisitive and has demonstrated excellent prowess of observation by always being enthusiastic about the discussions in class. She has a good logical reasoning ability which helps her solve problems efficiently. She has always been sincere with her work and has been regular in submitting her assignments. She has the potential to excel in whatever she chooses to pursue. Varsha has always been a confident student with her good interpersonal communication skills and has excellent abilities of working with a group. Her seminar on Metabolomics demonstrated her ability to deliver a clear and concise presentation with good interpretation of her ideas. In her final year Varsha distinguished herself by submitting an exceptionally well researched and interesting project titled, Development of resin from liquefied wood by solvolysis and its applications at The Institute of Wood Science and Technology. During the course of the project, Varsha took the initiative to understand the subject in depth and efficiently implemented the same in her work. I would say that she has been among the top students that I have taught with respect to her proficiency in English, research work and her excellent presentation skills.Varsha is disciplined during her lab work and seeing her experimental skills in laboratory coupled with the interest and passion for keeping abreast with the current advances in the field of Biotechnology makes her a promising research student.Varsha has also been active in extra-curricular activities like cultural programs, sports and fine arts. She has won several prizes in the intercollegiate competitions due to her outstanding talent in fine arts. She possesses excellent leadership qualities and is a great team player. She was pivotal in organizing the college’s annual fest ‘Sankalp’ by being a coordinator of the events. During the time she spent here, Varsha was involved with social work as well, by taking part in activities organized by National Service Scheme (NSS). Varsha carries out her duties with immense dedication and she is always ready to take up responsibilities. Considering the above qualities along with her pleasing affableness, initiative, adaptability and her scholastic promise for research oriented study, I strongly recommend her candidature for admission to the masters program at your esteemed institute. I wish her success in all her future endeavors. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.