Letter engineering projects as a technical consultant

of Motivation


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With this letter, I am
applying for Master’s study in Engineering Management. I am from Pakistan and I
graduated from University College of
Engineering and Technology Bahauddin Zakariya, Multan, Pakistan one of the top-ranked universities in the country, in
Civil Engineering with a Bachelor of Science degree program. After my
graduation, I have worked in a private sector for one and half year, where
planning and management of project and its evaluation and report making was at
the top of my major duties, later I joined Nicon Group of Colleges one of the
well-known colleges of Pakistan in science and technology where I’m working as
a lecturer for BTEC Higher National in Construction and Built Environment, Project
Management and Design of Structure with Autodesk Revit.

 This particular program has extreme significance
to me, because it is an important step in achieving my professional goal,
working on engineering projects as a technical consultant in the Building and
construction sector. From my childhood, I have always been enthusiastic, intrigued
and interested in how things work. At the same time, I was diligent and I
especially enjoyed studying the basics of Physics, Mathematics and Science in

 Undergraduate study is not a denouement which
one can call a journey towards excellence and competence. So, after my
undergraduate at Punjab College, which gave me the excellent command in basics
of mathematics and science and enabled me to secure admission in one of the
pioneer engineering institutes (University college of Engineering and
Technology Bahauddin Zakariya) of Pakistan. During my graduation in Civil
Engineering the field which inspired me the most was Construction Management which enabled me how to manage and motivate
your staff, setting up benchmarks, financial and budget management and how to
achieve your milestone within the specified timeframe? And I got distinction in
that My interest in this field forced me to work as an intern at some mega
projects currently running in Pakistan like “China–Pakistan Economic Corridor” which exposed me to visualize
modern techniques and methods of project management.

In my country Pakistan
where infrastructure development is growing fast but there I have seen very
poor management in the industry and a huge amount is wasted in every project
only because of improper management of resources, budget and time. Even I realized
that my undergraduate education had provided me with what is only a glimpse of
this field and there is so much more to learn for me. With careful perusal of
the web page of the university, its distinguished faculty, excellent
laboratories with full facilities and with a high reputation, I am convinced
that Msc Project Management at
University of Debrecen will be a perfect addition to my knowledge and
skills and my academic career can receive the much-required exposure and


I want to study Msc Project Management at University of
Debrecen. It will provide me an understandable platform. I am wishing to
get expertise in these fields. I will do my level best to excel within this
department. My utmost goal is to become a valuable and renowned researcher in
the field of Engineering Mangement

I truly trust that what
your university looks for, in a prospective student, with a strong academic
background and the abilities to lead and deliver. I am confident that I will
come up to your expectations.

I look forward to your
positive response. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Muhammad Imran Waris