Let’s for controlling these processes and ensuring


            Let’s face it eating at a restaurant
can be an exciting, thrilling experience. It is a place that has the ability to
tap into many of your senses. You sense of smell is awakened the moment you
walk through the door. Your sense of touch is used when handling the menu. And
let us not forget about the sense of taste when eating! From looking at the food
to taking a picture of it, your senses and nervous system are working in high
drive at a restaurant. This is just one of many events where the nervous system
is in action, along with your senses. Without your nervous system you wouldn’t
be able to control your senses.  Your
brain relies on information through your five senses in order to help you
understand the world around you. 
Continue reading to discover what the nervous system is. Explore some
background information about your senses and see why they must work with the



A Look at the Nervous

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            Fig1.1 Anatomical Location of the
Brain and Spinal Cord 613869862

            Imagine you are studying for an
upcoming exam. Without realizing many processes are happening as you study.

Your eyes are taking in information from the words on the page. Your brain is
processing the meaning of these words. It is also organizing this information
in memory banks so that you can retrieve it later. While reading all of these
processes happen involuntarily and fast. You can thank the nervous system for controlling these processes and ensuring
everything runs smoothly. The nervous system is the sum of many different parts
that controls, regulates, and communicates processes in the body.

            With so much responsibility this
system can’t do everything by itself. This is why it works together with the
endocrine system and other organ systems to control many processes in the body.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you are able to do because of the
nervous system:

·       Retain muscle control and maintain balance

·       Sense changes in your environment both internally and externally

·       Control internal body systems and maintain homeostasis

·       Prepare your body for a fight or flight situation

·       Use language skills, help you think, learn, and remember things.

The nervous
system operates by sending and receiving electrical signals. It uses
specialized cells called nerves to
help carry these signals. The major organs of the nervous system are shown in Fig1.1. They consist of the brain and
spinal cord. Your brain is essentially the human head. A tough skull protects
it. The spinal cord runs the length of your back and consists of many nerves.

The spinal cord plays an important in relaying information to and from the