Let’s back as Plato have stressed the

Let’s paint a picture together. Blank walls, silent rooms, and shy students lay brushed upon the canvas. Our picture conveys the result of a school with little to no fine arts programs. Students roam the school’s colorless halls oblivious to their true creative capabilities, never truly being able to experience the beauty underlying in programs such as music, art, theatre, and dance. With museums splattered with ravishing paintings and marble sculptures and bookshelves still filled with the classic works of literature and performance, the fine arts have proved themselves durable to the test of time. As the world constantly evolves, makinds creations remain in jeopardy of becoming obsolete.Scholars as far back as Plato have stressed the need for the arts in education; however, as schools face financial difficulties, the first thing sent to the chopping block are fine arts programs, but the removal of fine arts programs would be absolutely devastating to countless amounts of students as well as teachers. Many students would lose their favorite class, and in some cases the class that helps them get through the day. Likewise, many teachers that have a passion for fostering students’ diversity and imagination will lose their dream jobs. Whether a student is interested in art, music, dance, or theatre, they will be able to find a place where they can express themselves. The fine arts encourage all kinds of learners to nurture their abilities which help them grow in the comforts of their learning styles.I still remember the first time I realized my fingers could sing. It was about four weeks into my sixth grade year and I was sitting in my beginning orchestra class. Upon arriving in orchestra, I knew I wanted to play the viola: an essential but often overlooked part of a concerto. After three weeks of learning the fundamentals of playing a stringed instrument, it was finally time to play using the bow. As I lightly stroked the instrument’s metal-colored string, a sound escaped the bows grasp. Succeeding that stroke, I continued to play the instrument with the same amount of enthusiasm for the next two years. I still play it to this day. Being able to understand the importance of fine arts is wonderful, but feeling the importance of the fine arts is incredible. Having been able to experience the impact of music, I could not be more thankful for my school for encouraging students to take part in fine arts programs and providing the essential funding to ensure each program has the best possible impact on all students who participate.Now, let’s paint a different picture.Walls covered with expressive murals, rooms filled with the laughter of students as they play rhythmic melodies with one another, and creative students with smiles on their faces as they get ready to make their mark on the world. That sounds like a much more frame-worthy picture, doesn’t it?