Leadership passion, and the moderating effect of person-

Leadership plays a key role in creating employee’s work passion ( Egan, 2015). Work passion is a
precious quality that organizations should build within employees which, in
turn, is vital for employee performance (Ho , Wong , & Lee , 2011). It is a new notion
in organizational psychology  (Li, Zhang, & Yang, 2017), which received a
rat attention in new millennium, with a surge in the number of practitioner
articles asserting the value of being passionate about one’s job and how
organizations can benefit from passionate employees (Boyatzis, McKee, & Goleman, 2002; Moses, 2001). Work passion may
improve employee’s positive affect experience (Forest,
Mageau, Sarrazin, & Morin, 2011), organizational
citizenship behavior at work (Astakhova, 2015; Burke, Astakhova, & Hang, 2015), well-being (Zigarmi,
Nimon, Houson, Witt, & Diehl, 2009).

Work passion refers to “a strong inclination toward an activity
that people like, that they find important, and in which they invest time and
energy” (Vallerand, et al., 2003, p. 756).
Since, the role which leadership plays as an antecedent in the employee’s work
passion has received little research interest to date (Nimon,
Zigarmi, Houson, Witt, & Diehl, 2011). Therefore, in order
to further research regarding leadership behavior and employee work passion, I
shall examine the influence of leader’s behavior integrity on employee work
passion, in order to provide depth to my study; I shall develop a moderated
mediation model to explain the psychological mechanisms underlying the
relationship between leader’s behavior integrity (LBI) and employee work
passion. In my model, I shall examine the mediating effect of psychological
attachment on the relationship between leader’s behavior integrity and work
passion, and the moderating effect of person- supervisor fit (P-S fit) on
influencing the mediation. In summary, this study have three objectives: first,
it will examine whether LBI caused employees to be passionate in their job.
Next, what was the mediating mechanism of this effect? Lastly, it will examine
whether P-S fit can mitigate the positive effect of LBI, by doing so, I expect
to explore why and when LBI may influence employee’s work passion, at least in
Egyptian cultural context. Figure 1 depicts the proposed model, as following:

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