Leadership always welcome changes and think differently and

now: Analyze your leadership qualities, strengths and style at the end of our
course emphasizing your learning and development over the term.  Has there been a shift? 

Some of my leadership
qualities ,strengths and styles are:

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Appreciative: As a good leader
who vales their team and believe in their team. The success is always depending
on the contribution of each member, so I will apricate each member for their valuable
contribution and I value them.

Compassionate: as a leader
it is one of the greatest quality to have compassion on the team members and
understand them and motivate them and work with them to achieve the goal.

Fair: I don’t have any parities
so as a good leader I treat everyone equally and I promise fairness.

Flexible: I am not a rigid
person I always adapt to new things and try to bring in new ideas and welcome
creativity in the team, so I am flexible and try to alter the things according
to situations and needs.

Honest: honesty is
another quality I have as a leader it helps me to build the trust in the team
members and can face situations without any prejudice

Hardworking and goal oriented:
I am person who believe that success comes from hard work and dedication. Another
important strength what I have is focus on organizational and group goals and
its effective achievement.

Clear vision and direction:
I am a leader, who is have a clear plan of action and ways to achieve that.

Self-motivated: I always have
a desire to become excellent in each and everything I do. I always try to learn
something new and have a passion become better and to be a successful leader
you must be a self-motivated so that only you can inspire others too and
motivate whole team to success.

I am having more of charismatic
leadership styles, so I have charm which helps me to connect people and mobile them
to achieve the goals. And my strengths as a leader is I can easily appeal
people and use them to forge business needs. I am more approachable and friendlier
than other leaders.

I have qualities of transformational
leader because I always welcome changes and think differently and analyses the situation
and try to find new ways of doing things.

Now I could analysis and
understand myself more and I could find that I can also be a good leader this
evaluation and study help me to understand what type of leadership skills I have
what all things I can do to improve myself as a leader.

There has been change in
my confidence level since I got more clarity about myself and my qualities as a
leader and where should I work to improve and be more effective and successful
as leader can analyzed through this.

leadership. Looking forward consider whether reflective journaling can add
value to your own personal and professional leadership potential. 

Reflective journaling helps
me more confident and have more clarity towards the leadership skills. As a person
it helped me to build more self-understanding and more self-evaluation on my qualities,
strengths and y weakness and some of the areas I must improve which can make me
more efficient and effective as a leader as well as a person .so in in future I
will be a leder who has more clarity in the things I do and also lead the team with
more confidence and in more professional way.

As a professional I can
use my qualities and strengths in my team and bring team together and achieve
the goal more easily and in a professional manner. And I can be more specific
about my leadership trait and my limitations, so I can work on that too for

A leader unique view of
the world and proper understanding about themselves can bring more creativity
and competitive advantage. Seeing before others see, understanding before others understand, and
acting before others act is one of successful leader character but in the reality,
is that most of us live such fast-paced, frenzied lives that we fail to leave
time to listen to ourselves and understand our qualities and failed to
improvise them in our team but once you understood this u can easily be one of
an extraordinary leader who leads the team to success.

the insights I got from this remind me that one’s leadership need to be
significant that mere successful and all the strategy and tactics remain
useless without ultimate purpose. This reflective journaling helps me to understand
as well as encourage me see the leadership into a different level and to be
more successful.

Strategic leadership. Discuss how you
will develop the leadership of others to enable them to realize their potential
and to achieve organizational success.  

 As a strategic leader I will
distribute my responsibilities among my team members and give them an opportunity
to understand their value in the team and chance to prove their skills and competence
and make them more competitive as well as make them to contribute their best for
the success and make them know their skills and understand their abilities.

will be honest and give them with proper feedback and open about the
information and the areas they need to improve so that can improve those areas.
And encourage them to think act in a most natural way and provide wit them
proper training. There will be multiple ways to test the ideas of team members
and make them learn by personal experience and make sure they learn from their failures
and motivate them and also make them to capable of decision making abilities
and also help them to understand corporate with multi-cultural environment, so
they get more diverse view and more ideas. Also measure their performance tolerance
threshold by identifying how well they manage adversity, how they operate under
pressure, their willingness to accept new challenges and their overall mental