“Last years later…. melting.The stars glistened in the

“Last FlightBy Ian PangIn a world, there’s light… and dark. Each color balances out the other, none overpowering. It creates a world of equality that can’t be shattered. Like fortresses of pure steel, nothing can break it- That is… nothing except the sun itself.  As the saying goes, “don’t fly too close to the sun” or else you’ll melt.So here we are, 1 billions years later…. melting.The stars glistened in the sky as a young girl at the age of 12, lay silently in her backyard, admiring the constellations that lingered up above. She had auburn hair that stretched across the bare ground which dirtied her roots. The dry grass tickled her back as she moved inaudibly. Bangs covered green eyes like a cloak of invisibility, letting only a petite nose and a gleeful mouth be seen. The child clenched her tongue playfully as she glanced eastward toward the sun. It shined like the brightest star of all, filling the air with heat and humidity. She looked away hastily, blinded by it’s strong rays. Dirt rose up her thighs as she squirmed against the floor, searching for a comfortable position. Failing to locate one, she resignedly lifted herself up and dug her feet into the parched ground, sending fragments of dust upwards. “Well this is great” she murmured to herself as sweat rolled down her forehead.A loud noise was heard from inside the house, startling the child out of meditation.  She listened closely for another sound, only hearing a faint high pitched voice softly whispering. Soon the noise became louder, whinier, and a lot more irritated. “I told you Harold, you shouldn’t have let her out!” The girl recognized that the voice was feminine by the soft changes of the person’s vocal chords. The child could also hear a low grumbling noise, much deeper than the women’s. Locks clicked inside, following the opening of a large glass door. A middle-aged women with short black hair poked her head out, the face trembling with anger. She gestured for the child, waving her over with a slim hand. The girl hesitated, looking back up at the sky and glancing back at her superior once more. “Come on out” she said, “it’s beautiful out here.” Her hand reached toward the woman and she smiled at her. “I don’t want to burn just like the ground did, honey. Now come inside or you will boil.” The voice quivered with impatience as she glared at her daughter. The child didn’t move. “Come in or you’ll be having pork skin for dinner” her mother yelled. The girl looked back longingly and sighed. “I’m coming” she retorted, walking back to the house.As the child came inside the house, cool air rushed down her spine, waving her dark hair to and fro. An air conditioner loomed over her head, crowding the house with small parades of chilly weather. The temperature was set to 30 degrees, but she didn’t mind. The normal temperatures they usually had were in the 100s so she was accustomed to the cool air. “Bella, have you finished packing yet?” her mother asked. Bella shook her head. “No mom” was her only answer. For a few minutes everything was silent in the house… than suddenly, as her mother chopped cactus, she said, “You can go now if you’d like.” Bella nodded her head and left precipitately, astounded that she didn’t get scolded.Her house was circular and steel grey, making it look as if it were a magnetic raindrop. Bella’s room was at the far right end of the house in the corner. The walls were light yellow, making the bedroom seem ampler than it actually was. Once inside, she flopped herself on the violet bed and rolled her body so she could lay on her stomach. Bella grabbed  boxes of all different shapes and sizes, many already having items in them. She took out a stuffed bear and stroked it affectionately, starting from the ears and working her way downwards. The brown bear was plain, feeling tattered and unclean. The left eye was missing from it, but she still loved the toy to death. It reminded her of the grandfather that she once had- it even smelled like him… tobacco. She caressed it one last time, than slowly put it back in the box. Bella finished her packing soon after, only having enough time to eat and get ready for bed. That night she dreamt of the different planets, and how she met diverse aliens from each one.Bella was woken by her mother at 3:30 am, foggy eyed and half-asleep. The mother explained to her quickly that they have to leave by 4:00 or else they might miss their flight. Bella still didn’t understand what was happening as she dressed and brushed her teeth. Her head still in slumber, she looked down at the ground, confused, wondering where her boxes went. She looked under her bed, over her dresser and in the bathroom. Bella’s mother came in to see her daughter searching in her closet. “What’s up?” she asked.”Did you lose anything?” Her daughter glanced up and stared into her mother’s eyes. “I lost my boxes. They’re nowhere in my room.” The mother quickly replied, “Your father and I already put your boxes downstairs for you. Now hurry!! It’s 3:17 and I don’t want to be late.” She grabbed Bella’s hand and speedily led her to the car. There wasn’t any time for food, so they all sat hungry in the vehicle, anticipating their flight. The car soon went swiftly around the corner of their driveway without no one having a chance to say farewell.Soon they were parked at the airport, saying their goodbyes and grabbing tickets for their departure. Bella watched as toddlers waddled with their mothers and babies were carried onto rockets. She walked with wide eyes, taking in what was left of the world she knew so little of. They went through baggage check, looked through windows and got in line for the flight in a short amount of time. By 3:36 am, they boarded the rocket. As Bella and her family strode toward their seats, memories were passing by each of their heads, like the people that they were passing right then and there. No one knew what was to come next, only what was in the past… the childhood stories and history of the land… the meaningful part of life that now was covered in meaningless dirt. But life goes on.And finally as Bella took her seat and watched the earth for the last time, she felt her life pass before her eyes. She looked back to what once was there and now to the remainder of it. She than looked to the new beginning ahead and the new possibilities as well. What new world awaits as she flies into the nothingness of space and time? Will there even be time? That is not up to the planet, but the person living on it. So, here we are melting away into a new era and a new planet. By this time the earth was so close to the sun that the sky was half yellow. But as said before. Life goes on. And people do too. 0