Komatsuhime Onei. After witnessing the martial prowess of

Komatsuhime Honda, also known as Ina Honda, was a Japanese woman of the late Azuchi-Momoyama through early Edo periods. She was the daughter of Tadakatsu Honda, she was adopted by Tokugawa Ieyasu, before marrying Sanada Nobuyuki. She was described as being a very beautiful, highly intelligent and a phenomenal warrior just like her father. She had 3 children-Manhime, Sanada Nobumasa of Matsushiro, and Sanada Nobushige.   Honda was known in her childhood as Inahime and Onei. After witnessing the martial prowess of the Sanada at the Battle of Ueda, her father and her were captivated by them. Tokugawa Ieyasu had arranged for Honda to marry Sanada Nobuyuki, who was the son of the Sanada lord.   In 1600, Nobuyoki’s father was on his way to the Castle, along with his other son, the famous Sanada Yukimura. They both stopped at the Numata Castle, where Ina was managing some affairs. She had got a message to her saying,  “I want to see my grandchildren”, and as a response, the princess suddenly tried to hurry, dressed in her  battle attire, and said, “Since we have parted ways in this conflict, although you are my father-in-law I cannot allow you in this castle.” Masayuki and Yukimura had to withdraw to a temple, and were surprised when they saw Ina (with her children) arrive after them.   After the Battle, she took charge of sending them food and other goods.    Ina was seen as a good wife and wise mother. She died in Konosu, Musashi at the age of 47, while she was on her way  to a hot spring. Nobuyuki mourned her death, saying, “the light of my house has been extinguished.” Ina’s grave can be found there. Today, visitors can see items that she used to battle with, including her palanquin.   In conclusion, Ina Honda, or Komatsuhime,  is a very powerful woman. She went through the worst and came back stronger than ever. She had taught herself how to fight, and gave birth to some of the strongest men in the Sanada Domain. She even taught herself archery extremely hard back then. Being a woman, a young woman, you need to always have knowledge about woman years ago who did good deeds and fought for what was right, including her family.