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Total Time: 15

Prep. Time: 5

Cook Time: 10

Serves: 2 – 4


Pasta Recipe: Angel
Hair Pasta with Garlic Butter Shrimp

It’s buttery and juicy plum, which comes with Angel Pasta with
Garlic Butter Shrimp. This is one of the easy recipes that can prepare
within 15 minutes. Because you want to save the chopping time, you don’t like
to bite the small pieces of garlic. This pasta recipe needs just a pot while needs the
lowest time as well. Its lemon provides an amazing brightness with taste to the
dish, which complements shrimp perfectly. Here, fresh shrimp with lemon and
buttery garlic go for a different resolution. This recipe will make you for
shrimp while it hates many people. So, there is a good chance for shrimp that
comes with the best appearances. Because, you can love shrimp with your family,
but don’t know the recipe to cook it rightly.


And, this is the recipe of the Angel Pasta with Garlic Butter Shrimp
that changes your mood of getting food with details.


What you need:

Angel hair pasta – 8 ounces that previously cook as directed
on the package.

Butter – ½ cup, which unsalted

Garlic – 1 teaspoon, which powder

Large shrimp – 1 lb that previously clean, de-vein and

Salt – ½ teaspoon

Pepper – ½ teaspoon

Lemon juice – ¼ cup

Lemon zest – 1 teaspoon which is optional


How to make it:

Cook the pasta that directing on the package and make it
drain while keeping it aside.


Take a large skillet and add butter which needs to heat with
medium temp in an oven.


Season it with pepper and salt while adding the shrimp. Cook
it for up to 3 minutes until its cooking complete through, which indicate its
pinkness. Turn over the shrimp halfway while cooking. The cooking time may vary
when the shrimp sizes, as well as the pan using, are large in sizes. Avoid
overcooking that shrimp becomes tough and rubbery.


Now, put lemon juice along with optional lemon zest that
needs to stir to combine them.


Reduce the heat lower while adding pasta, shrimp to the
skillet and toss them well to mix and coat. Now, check the taste while
seasoning balance and make any desire tweaks like salt, garlic powder, pepper


Finally, serve it immediately, because the dish is the
tastiest when it’s warm.