Kemal French Administration. He worked as a press

Kemal Tahir was born in Istanbul in 1910 (Tahir 1). His father, a naval officer, was one of the Sultan II. Abdulhamid’s military assistants. He studied at various primary schools and the middle school in Cezayirli Hasan Pa?a Rü?tiyesi in Kas?mpa?a in 1923. He left the Galatasaray High School to the tenth grade in 1930.                He served as a lawyer clerk and warehouse officer at the Zonguldak Coal Operations of the French Administration. He worked as a press corrector, interview writer, and translator (1930 – 1933) at Vakit, Haber, Son Posta newspapers in Istanbul. Also he worked as a secretary at the Yedigün and Karikatür magazines, and he became the editor at the Karagöz newspaper (1935-1936) and the editor of the Tan newspaper (1938).               A year after his marriage in 1937, the writer was in charge of life in the Tan newspaper and was served a life sentence and condemned for fifteen years. He was in jail firstly at Istanbul, then Çank?r?, Malatya, Çorum, Nev?ehir respectively. During this period, he had the opportunity to get to know the Anatolian people. The general release was announced in 1950, and in 1940, the novelist got divorced, and got married to Seniha Han?m, who had begun correspondence in prison, after the evacuation.                For a while he was at the Istanbul Trade Representative in Istanbul and translated detective and adventure novels with pen name (Cemalettin Mahir, Körduman, Celal Mountains, Bedri Eser, Samim A?k?n, Ali G?c?rl?, F. M. Second). In 1955, the story book Göl ?nsanlar?, and his first self titled novel Sa??rdere was published.                He was imprisoned for six months in Harbiye as an accused of the events of September 6th and 7th. In 1957, Esir ?ehrin ?nsanlar? (1957), and a year later, Körduman and Rahmet Yollar? Kesti was published, and he founded the Dü?ün Yay?nevi with Aziz Nesin. Then he published his novels respectively Yedi Ç?nar Yaylas? (1958), Köyün Kamburu (1959), Esir ?ehrin Mahpusu (1962), Kelleci Memet (1962), Yorgun Sava?ç? (1965), Bozk?rdaki Çekirdek (1967), Devlet Ana (1967), Kurt Kanunu (1969), Büyük Mal (1970) and Yol Ayr?m? (1971)( The novel Yorgun Sava?ç? got reward with Yunus Nadi Award in 1967, and Devlet Ana got reward with TDK novel award in 1968.               Kemal Tahir who was operated on lung cancer in 1970, died in 1973, Istanbul before not completing his novels Topal Ko?ma, and Y?ld?z Alacas? (