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Introduction to Philosophy PHL 101



Should I be Moral?


debate surrounding morals has been a question for centuries upon centuries.

Many people believe everyone has a “set of morals”. But the question is, does
the average person have some sort of morals? Why have morals? Why not just move
forward without question? Why care about other people’s feelings? Throughout
there are doubts whether or not a particular person has morals. We all have that
one interaction with a person and question their morals. Morality is questioned
in every subject, not in just life but religiously. Morality shapes our
behavior, some have more morals than others and vice versa.  It will be a difficult task proving that everyone
has some sort of baseline when it comes to morality. This paper will prove the
fact that we all have morals. Some have more morals than most because it warms
their heart when they care about someone and “give a helping hand”. Where as
some don’t care about others and will do something of the coldest of hearts.

Thus, the question of Why I should be Moral will be a difficult task and this
paper will set out the argument that I should have morals. It is an argument of
ethics. It is an argument of only that I should have morals but that every
living human has some sort of morality.


first argument to be used why I should be moral goes back to Olen. Dr. Peter
Olen states the only answer to them would be “because you are”. Happiness
is another reason for being moral, I feel that most people who have morals do
it to be happy. Although there will be times when the moral decision will not
be pleasurable, it will eventually lead to happiness. Having morals is very
important for people, it helps keep people sane. I will now discuss the ideas
of Aristotle. Now expanding on the happiness theory, I will discuss the ideas
of Aristotle. Aristotle believed that happiness is the quality of whole human
life. We all have misconceptions about happiness. Most of us view happiness
differently, some view it as an enjoyment in life. Aristotle on the other hand
said that true happiness includes pleasures, joys, and successes as well as
many pains, grief’s, and troubles in one’s life.

Aristotle also mentioned that
children are unable to feel happiness since in Aristotle’s view you reach
happiness at a complete life. For instance, an old man looking back on his life
and being able to say that it was good, is happiness.


Aristotle seen happiness as wealth,
good health and good morality. Also happiness was the greatest feeling. Nothing
higher than happiness. Life is made perfect by possession of all good things.

We seek happiness for its own sake. All others are sought for happiness.

Aristotle viewed to be happy one must make sacrifices to get the end stage of
happiness. We should seek the good in the long run. Most men/women will not do
this. We take the immediate pleasure. Most people think that happiness is
unique to each person. Power is not relevant or even remotely connected to
happiness or having any morality. Aristotle believed that everyone can and has
the right to achieve happiness, but through patience not competition. All this
said, it is obvious that everything in life has a goal and naturally that person
will go for it’s goal. (i.e. happiness). Aristotle was more concerned with the
real world than with the theological world. His bottom line view point was that
we have no answer to the question “Why do you want to be happy?”
other than “to be happy.” He believed that in order to be happy or to
achieve happiness you have to obtain and sustain morality.


I agree with Aristotle to a certain
extent, I do ask myself “Why do I want to be happy?”. I don’t have a solid
reasoning behind why I want to be happy. I guess it’s because I just simply
wouldn’t want to be anything but happy. Happiness makes me want to move
forward, happiness makes me cherish life as a whole so much more. Of course we
all have our derailments and road blocks. But I remember that on the other side
of that road block or getting back on the rails leads to happiness.