JOB and must be ironed3. Clean Surrounding makes

 JOB TASK CHECKLIST ASSIGNMENTFOOD AND BEVERAGE HCL 1403 ? Prior to Opening1. As a professional reaches to duty before 15 to 30 minutes2. Server dress should be cleaned nicely and must be ironed3. Clean Surrounding makes good impression on customers, so all window glasses and floor should be cleaned by him or her.4. Check all the tables and chairs that all are well balanced and clean5. For the entertainment of visitor’s music and tv should be turned on6. Order or tell manager about the items which are not available or not in high quantity7. Decorate tables with napkins8. Sweetener containers are full and clean9. Place neat ashtrays 10. Before your shift always be prepared with your tools • Three pens• Order pad• Proper wardrobe and nametag       11. Stock ice, sugar, ketchup and table sauces       12. Switch on all the equipment’s During Dinner Service      1 Attend every customer with smile, because a warm welcome can change visitor mood      2 If the customer is regular call him or her with name      3 start conversation with them to get know about their like or dislike and escort customers to their tables      4 Take the order and tell them about which food is special or have discount for day      5 Ensure that all orders are accurate and brought to each table in a timely manner      6 Ask the visitors that if he/she have any kind of allergies with any ingredients      7 Refill ice, water, napkins and take all the used glasses and plates from tables      8 Make sure that all the food delivering to patrons is hygiene      9 Promptly respond to guest with any additional request     10 Make the bill of all the items which served to customers? Closing Checklist      1 All  bins are trash free and replace with new bags      2 Floor should Be cleaned with chemical      3 Change the all clothes of tables and chairs     4 Sanitize all the remaining cutlery and dishes     6 Change broken or defaulted tables and chairs with new ones     7 All silverwares should be roll legitimately and store in assigned zone     8 Clean the coffee machine and then turn off     9 All sinks should be cleaned and purified, stock paper towel and soap dispenser     10 Close all machines and windows